Today was Gabriel’s birthday. I can’t believe that it’s been 2 whole years already. Yesterday was his party and I started this post while sitting down for a minute or two to take a few leisurely breaths before anyone got here. It was 12:30pm and I had taken a look around and I can say that I did not freak out. Not the norm for this turkey, especially if you can remember this post . I freaked out then because something went wrong. I am one of those people that doesn’t really need to have the place in tip top condition all the time and sometimes it really shows. If someone stops by unannounced, I am unconcerned because now the obvious scapegoat is my 2yr old who tears the house apart on a daily basis. BuT should I plan to have people over, I procrastinate, then freak out a day or so before the planned visit. I get crazy and I want everything perfect.

My dad was always a major participant in helping my mom get ready for guests, so I really expect/want/hope/pray for the same thing. Alas, I have a DH who is always working and usually on Saturdays, as well. He SAYS it’s mandatory… and well, of COURSE I believe him, but I get all freaky and feel abandoned… except for today. I think it was because I didn’t [really] procrastinate this time. All this week, I cleaned all the hot spots, one or a few each day, and cleaned all the areas that annoy me. You know the ones. All those places that become mini dumping grounds for mail, keys, odds and ends that do not have a place yet.

It gets interesting around here because of my son’s growing range of reach on tables, so everything must climb to higher ground to escape his stretching, probing fingers. I am hoping that he gets to the age when he will STOP before I run out of places to put things.

A major help was that Eddie pulled up the tables and chairs last night and we set them up. We got a 4′ sandwich and salads. I baked the cake the night before and, I must say myself, really like how it came out [pic below]. This whole weekend was really great and practically stress free…. maybe it was the “stress-less” scented candle lit in the bathroom? Nope, it was me.


CHECK OUT THE GREAT CAKE! This was actually two cakes, one on top and one on bottom. Duncan Hines Spice cake mix, then I add my own spices to “spicen” it up. I’ll share something that I discovered that made this cake actually taste refreshing. I added crushed anise seeds [secret ingredient]. The pic above is the very last piece. Man, this cake is g-o-n-e….. GONE. Yeah, this was was the best gathering we’ve had yet.

Then today, on the actual day, we all attended another birthday party for the girl upstairs, her birthday was on March 1st. So, this was a real birthday weekend. Will write more in the next few days.

Let me say, that something DID go drastically wrong the night before my son’s party day. The drain in the kitchen sink backed up and after almost a whole bottle of Liquid Plumber, it still persisted. Finally, I had to call the landlord and he agreed to get a plumber out to us early in the morning. Strangely enough, I did not panic. I kept a feeling of peace about me…. really, not the usual for me. Then the next morning, the landlord came to just to try to do something himself. Can I tell you that 1 or 2 attempts with the plunger and the drain was unclogged??? I was so embarrassed because I do not call for help lightly. I was so happy that he tried the water first and saw that it, indeed, was backed up. After that, all I had to do was take a shower (without breaking the shower rod) and it was a piece of cake from there. I seriously believe that the quality of my day was directly the result of my outlook that day. It was manifested by the serenity I felt that day…. or good vibes, whatever you want to call it. I should know because so many times, I manifested the totally opposite type of day…. the really frazzled ones. I am so happy that for once, it was the other way around. Don’t know if I can replicate that but from this whole experience, what was driven home yet again, is that God helps those who help themselves.