I saw a movie a while back in 1998, “American History X”, a very, very powerful movie about racism and violence. Just found out that Ed Norton was in it (As you can tell, I do not really follow movie stars). I was actually pressured to go into it by my date at the time. We had agreed to go to a particular movieplex theater and out of all of the choices, it was either going to be this or “Catherine the Great”, with Kate Blanchet (which I DID want to see). Well, he was a guy and I had the lesser advantage because he was paying for the both of us. However I got in there, I am very grateful for seeing a movie I NEVER would have seen on my own because of the violence that was in it. This was the only instance that I can recall violence being worth watching. To give you an idea of how I feel about violence, and how I react to violence, I will reveal that I will hide my eyes when Bambi’s mother gets killed… OFF SCREEN. “Run, Bambi RUN”, then one shot rings out (if I can remember that correctly).

You may be wondering what brings this subject up… and I am surprised as you are. This morning, on NPR, I listened to a news article describing the resurgence of the KKK through the issues of immigration. The name of the article is “Supremacist Groups Use Immigration Issue To Recruit Members”. Keep in mind that if you go to this site, the actual article is an audio file and you need to click on the “listen” link. Just the thought of this happening, and I wonder why I am surprised, gets me off the fence of where I stand with immigration. I must confess that I have been leaning against letting excess amounts of foreigners into our country, for the basic reason being that I worry about what is left of our wild life, nature. Developers are tearing down beautiful parts of this country, for housing to accommodate the ever growing population. Our urban areas are battlegrounds. I feel that if we keep pushing people within our borders, on top of all the “illegal” immigrants coming in, that this country is headed for more problems than we have already. As a human being, I do have compassion, but feel torn that we have laws and they are being ignored. I mean, what about those people who went the “legal” route, spent the money, time, whatever hardship, learned the language, etc. These people followed the rules… as you can see, I’m a rule person. I will not go into more of my reasons for feeling anti-immigration because there is a critical issue right here that has turn the tables for me, regardless of what I think about how this country is handling this immigration problem. I will just say that we need to change the Immigration Laws that are in place. We need to address the source of why people are flocking to our country, varied as they are, I will not go further into it on this post.

The issues that I feel right now are not erased in my mind, but just put on the back burner. Also, I do believe that we, as human beings, must be compassionate towards the people who are here. We are all part of the same human race, we all have families we want to support and protect. For those Christians out there, remember that Jesus is in ALL of us. “Whatsoever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto me.” If we look, we will find Jesus in every face we see… so how can we turn away those who are in need? Further, most of the people who are here already have been here for years, working; and I’ve heard that some are even paying taxes to this government… on their own. How many of us “natives” can say that?

I believe that if these neo-nazi groups remain under the radar for much longer that we will have a huge problem on our hands. I want to ask a favor of anyone who reads this. I urge you to write about this issue, if you are so moved. I want to utilize blogdom to spread the word of this potential disaster. Unfortunately, I do not have a large readership, but maybe someone who does, can write about this so that it gains more exposure. I am acutely aware that this is a crazy post, and that you still may not know WHAT I am trying to say. To that I can only say that I am not perfect and that I am still trying to resolve issues in my own mind; but I firmly believe that HATE and VIOLENCE in any form must be stopped. If these supremacist groups are going to latch onto immigration to perpetuate the hate and commit violence and murder and whatever else they are capable of… which, btw, can be more than we can ever dream of… they simply must be stopped.

For the mothers out there. THINK of what our children, in supposedly safe schools, will be exposed to…. and it’s everywhere, do not dare deny it or you may jeopardize the safety of your child. No matter if you live in an urban area, or a so-called “safe” community. Hate has a way of seeping into every part of society, unnoticed. If you have seen American History X, you know what I’m talking about. You think that a kid is innocent, then he pulls a gun on YOUR kid and shoots him in the boy’s bathroom in school…. age is not a factor in the possibility of it happening. I, for one, am terrified. You think your kid is safe because he/she is a good kid, a gentle kid, a kid whom everyone loves? Think again. Those could be the very reasons they get targeted. Think this paragraph sounds too dramatic? Think, seriously THINK again. I’d rather go the extreme to protect my kid than be too relaxed and have heartache strike. I am trying to bring to light something that needs to be taken seriously and acknowledged. Think of all those kids that have been killed in school already. Ha, I also think of all those parents in NYC who are screaming out against metal detectors in schools and the removal of cell phones from the kids. Do you know that cell phones are tools that are used to create mobs of kids at fights, spectators and drive up the numbers of participants in the fights, repeatedly; AND a challenge for the police in trying to control such events?

So much hate, any form of hate, poisons this world and the universal energy around us. Anything positive that is achieved by the rest of us, is nullified by those who perpetuate the negative.