Very short post here today. I started writing and I am, too, catching writer’s block from everyone. Trying something different and it probably will take awhile to get it to what I want…. if I don’t delete it altogether.

A little bit about what happened the other day. I had Little Drake “gated” in another room, while I spent time on the internet in my bedroom. Partly because I wanted a little time to catch up here and do a little research, and partly because I need to make him be by himself. Lately he’s been up my butt, literally, and I thinks it’s because we have been here alone, every day, just us for quite some time. Big Drake works a lot and normally, two days a week, he doesn’t get to see the little guy at all for the whole day… so it’s just me and he’s become quite attached.

Anyway, day before yesterday, I was here and he was “there” and I heard that loud tone on the telephone when it’s been off the hook. I thought, “Oh great, he’s on the phone again.” Then I did nothing because after that, you cannot dial out without hanging up first and he doesn’t have that concept yet. A little while later, the doorbell rings and I cheerfully said, “Let’s go see who’s at the door,” thinking it was the postman with a package for upstairs.

Got to the door and it was the police. “Is everything alright, Ma’am?”

I looked at him and said, “Yeah” with a quizzical tone; and that was when he told me that they got a “911” call from our house. I immediately thought, “GABRIEEEEL”, but said, “Oh my God!”

“Could it have been the little one, then?”

“Definitely. I am SO sorry!”

“No problem, Ma’am. He’s at the age. I’m just glad everything is okay. Oh, in the future, you might want to keep the phone out of his reach.”

“Yes, officer. Thank you.”

Close door. Look down at the boy and again, did not know whether to laugh or be mad. Can’t be mad, of course, he is so young that he just would not understand what just happened. Too funny. My brother is his god father and a cop in NY, so I’ll have to get him to have a heart to heart with the boy.

Then I thought, how that it was from this apartment? Ah, they’re cops, they have their ways!

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you… bad boys, bad boys! For his birthday, he just got a police “vehicle” that drives off as this theme song is playing, with siren, verbal warnings, screeching wheels and everything!