Just have not been feeling inspired to write about anything lately; but I’m up so early today (5am) that I could not stay away. Nothing going on except that I’ve been WRACKING my brain trying to figure out how to get a button posted on this page. Now, are buttons just images, or are they meant to be links to other sites? I am so ignorant to the ways of computerism. Anyway, that is what I’ve been doing… unsuccessfully.

I’ve also been thinking about making a knitting blog here so that my knitting readers have a place to go directly instead of sifting through all my other stuff. I currently have a knitting page, but do not update it regularly, so it’s been pretty ineffective as nobody can really tell if/when there is anything new on it.

I’ve joined a Log Cabin KAL (Knit-A-Long)… Yeah, had to ask what that means! This is the reason why I need to get educated on buttons. I’d really like to link to this page with on of their buttons, but I have no clue as to the workings, possibilities, options of it all. I know, must be so simple, yet I am clueless. I try to follow WP’s instructions, but I do not see an “image link” box that they speak of… oh well, sooner or later I will learn. This case, later.

This morning, I’ve discovered pluckymama’s blog called Health + Sanity and I’m listening to a video called “Sweet Misery” that I found through her blog. Pretty scary stuff and I am getting off artificial sweeteners ASAP. If you have an HOUR, yes, just noticed it’s over an hour long… but if you use artificial sweeteners, particularly aspartame, please invest the time and view it. I was, with coffee (and Splenda)… Ugh… I am getting off of sweeteners, period. If I want an occasional tsp. in my coffee, I’d rather do that than ingest poison, which is what artificial sweeteners amount up to.

Another update is that today is the day of Little Drakes’ first play date with Patrick, another kid his own age…. his cousin, as a matter of fact. He’s been around kids before, but they were older. Should be interesting to see what happens, right Jenn!

Gotta run and take a shower… oh, btw, I probably won’t be able to post this until later because, guess what… my computer just went out on me. Don’t know why… a login error… except that I’ve BEEN online for over an hour! The local area connection is now not working, so will have to call my IP… but need to take a shower first.

UPDATE: As you can see, I am back online, thanks to those trusty techies at Verizon. You know, it really IRKS me when you call with a connection problem and they refer you to the WEBSITE…. GRRRRRR!