I was wiping down my kitchen counter today with antibacterial cleaner and I got the thought that I really didn’t know if this cleaner was being effective. I mean, I know nothing. I guess I am thinking more about this today because I am coming down with something and I don’t want to spread it to my son, though I know it’s almost inevitable that he will get it, too. I just can’t stop myself from getting too close and hugging and kissing him. Last time I tried, but forgot myself pretty quickly.

But this got me to thinking about how much we really are dependent upon business, big business to just survive. The food we eat, in particular. We are unceremoniously placed in a blind position where we must trust that what we purchase today, will not kill us tomorrow. Yesterday while shopping I thought that organic milk was not necessarily needed for good health because, hey, I grew up on regular, homogenized milk. THEN I thought that today is nothing like yesterday. Oh, the days of yore when everyone had a little plot of land to grow their own food, harvest their own milk, from their own cow, pick their own eggs from their own hens. Days of yore where we didn’t have to worry about the industrial poisons in our drinking water. Wow. Now you’ve got to be so careful of what you eat, fearing getting sick from the very food that is supposed to be nourishment.

And don’t get me started on supposed FDA approved drugs… and conversely, the drugs that the FDA are keeping out of the country to appease American drug companies. What the heck is this country really all about?? I just joined that 1 Million Blogs thing that Grace posted about. Thanks, Grace. This will really make me feel like I am doing something, anything to show how I feel about how wrong I think this country is, period, on everything it’s involved in. We are so out of balance, out of harmony that it really scares me. It scares me that my son is in danger of fighting for a country that has become more like their enemies than the ideals they are fighting for.

I can’t say that is surprises me. I can’t say that I am amazed or shocked; but I can say that I am ANGRY that we have arrived at such an unstable time in our history. Who did this to us? Sigh, we did because people did not have the foresight to see this coming; or maybe they did and contrived to profit from it. This is presumably the best that we, as a species, have ever had it; and yet, we are, pardon the expression, going to hell in a hand basket. As a species we have chosen to nurture our technology over everything else, especially our very existence.

I am the first to say that I am an EGG, Electronic Gadget Groupie; but even I must admit that there is not much out there that I, realistically, can take advantage of. I love the idea of being able to play music on my cell phone, but will absolutely will not subscribe to yet, another subscription in order to get it. What is happening, people? I am I the only one to notice that when I bought my last computer, the basic programs on it were mine to use? Now, we get a “free” trial version, then must purchase the full version when the “free” trial is up? I could not believe this when suddenly I was confronted with such a message upon opening my Word doc… which never happened to me before. If this is how it’s going to be, I’d rather get a clean computer, with my TOTAL memory in tact, instead of a computer full of programs that I will never use. Let that digest and then consider that most computer companies do not have a recycling program in place to take care of electronic waste; nor, do most encourage it, some will recycle for a fee, very few will recycle waste from any manufacturer.

Hello Open Source! Yep, I’ve gotten rid of my Microsoft Office, the whole suite, and downloaded OpenOffice. So far, I am really happy with my word processing program called, “Writer”. It’s got the same feel as Word and looks just like it… almost. So far, it’s done everything that Word has done. Big hello to Thunderbird, my new email program. Well, I never used Outlook, anyway, but now I would like something I can view emails and feeds offline with; and this has been the ticket. My nephew is using an open source OS and he loves it. Think it’s called Linux? I don’t know enough to make that kind of jump, but I am so glad that it’s an option. Vista for me, will not be necessary. As a matter of fact, I have the XP Media Center and from the info at the Microsoft site, it looks as if the Home Basic will not even have Media Center on it, let alone all the other bells and whistles the more expensive versions are toting.

Can you tell this post is all over the place? I think the one thread of commonality is that these are areas where we find ourselves dependent upon the mega rich big business, which you know is not really out to make “our” lives better, just their own by stuffing their pockets full of our money. I will stop now because I gave myself a headache!