clover Hi everyone. HAPPY Belated ST. PATRICK’S DAY!……I just wanted to put it out there that I’ve started a new blog dedicated to crafts; but mostly for my knitting/crochet stuff. It’s called ~DragonKnits~. It’s not my original name, but I decided to add stuff about my other love, chocolate and hot chocolate.

I am still playing around with the theme and header, so there is nothing really there yet by way of content, but I do have a modified version of this blog’s Bio page and a bit more about myself to start my posts off.

I think I must have been delirious to start another blog, but I’ve been thinking about doing it for awhile now. My knitting stuff here is sprinkled all through this blog and forces people who are interested in that to search through everything to find what they are looking for. Also, I find that I am collecting a lot of information for crafts; so now I’d like to keep it all in one, easily accessible place.

This is an addition, not a substitution, so I’ll continue to write here, as a matter of fact, this blog will probably still get more posts after everything settles down.

Tomorrow is the day that I am making our traditional St. Patrick’s Day dinner. We turn Irish this weekend! Big Drake worked today and will tomorrow (Sunday) as well; but tonight was busy for him so, tomorrow it will be unrushed. The cake I made for our Why Catholic meeting, which was canceled due to weather, was given to the priests as our parish rectory. I just could not have homemade cake and chocolates (green) in the house as I’d be the one eating most of it… so out it went.

UPDATE ON KITTENS: They are still alive and the mother is still with them as I was afraid that I might have scared her away when I took pictures today of her babies.

Whenever I need to look for Little Drake’s sippy cup, I feel as if I am transported into a Where’s Waldo picture. They have nothing on this kid who quite purposefully composes each room into a framed WW picture, riddled with toys, our stuff, and bits and pieces of paper, plastic and, well, whatever. At least Waldo has that red/white striped hat that helps ya find him. The sippy cup is green and blends in too well with plastic toys strewn all over. I just had to leave the scene as is so that BD could see that LD was not sick at all today… or if he was, he was in rare form.

UPDATE:  Just wanted to let you know that I’ve disabled the Comments section of this post because lately I’ve been getting WAY too many spam comments.  Nobody legitimate has commented in a while, so I figure it’s safe.  If you are the rare bird that desires to comment, please do so on another post or email me privately.~ June 12, 2007