Sorry for not writing, I’ve not been inspired of late. I also finished my log cabin blanket which is the reason I got to bed at 2am last night and the reason I am up so late today. Today is the Tuesday challenge, so will scoot on over to One Million Blogs For Peace to see what it is and write about it tonight when I get out to write on it.

Happy Spring to everyone out there. Today is the first really mild day we’ve gotten so far. Today is going to be in the 70’s… whoo hoo! Despite our late start (got up over an hour late) we will definitely get out to enjoy the weather. Everything is in sync. I feel okay, Little Drake only has a little rash which we think is due to the fragrance in a new baby oil I bought.

You know, when you see a name that is synonymous with quality baby care, a name you trust and you think everything is good. Safe. Well, recently we saw that was NOT true with dog and cat food with rat poison inside it; and so it is with J&J (Johnson & Johnson). They make these new products with fragrance… lavender, chamomile, some other ones. I wanted to try the lavender one and because the package was purple. I wonder every time I see how companies market their products. The oil, itself, is not purple, just the bottle. It’s definitely more appealing and you “think” you are getting something more, in some way, when you are not. Amazing. The label reads, “GENTLE”. You think it’s okay, but the fragrance is really a chemical and is really only as gentle as the level of tolerance of the baby skin that it’s put on. My son does have sensitive skin, so I should have realized it or just used a little on him. My husband knew what the problem was right away because he also has very sensitive skin. Working at L’Oreal probably adds to his certainty of what the problem was.

Up until now, I had always used unrefined shea butter on my baby’s skin and never had a problem. I used the lavender baby oil two times after his bath and a few days ago, I noticed that he had a bit of a rash, or little bumps that you only notice if you touch them. Today, they do not look worse, he does not have a temperature and he is definitely his bubbly self; so will just call the doctor’s office and they will just tell me to watch it.

I will unceremoniously end my post here because somebody smells of poopie and then we’re outta here!