UPDATE: 4/01/07 April Fool’s! Pictures to the left.

I sit here listening to my kitchen sink gurgle, louder than my hubby snores! Okay, it’s now 11:33pm eastern time and I am done. Won’t take pictures now because I let my hair air dry and I’m not staying up for THAT because I’ve got to be up early as my neighbor needs me to baby sit for her.

Let me preface this post by saying that I can be a nit-picker. I am a born proofreader, have done it professionally; and I’ll tell you that I hold myself back, out of respect for my peers here, from correcting some of the comments. I don’t mean any offense because I know what it’s like trying to whiz through all the comments I want to make and end up with typos and other errors… I’m just too anal to let them go, myself… but I love the spontaneity that they reflect.

First thing I’ll say is who does a swatch test 48 hours before coloring? I mean, I would if I had a known history of skin allergies, but I don’t, so I just bulldoze right on in. Now L’Oreal’s Colour Rays color that I used was Copper Craze. Once I found the English directions, it was pretty straightforward. They give you pretty decent rubber gloves for this product, but I can’t say the same for others. What is the deal with that? Why not give the same quality glove for each product? Annoys me. Okay, so you dump the creme developer into a plastic tub that is marked as to which side you should mix in. The color, itself is in a tube and the hardest thing, EVER, was to get this stuff out. So thick it was solid… almost. I am wondering if it was so reduced in price because of a past expiration date, but never found that out because I could not FIND it on the box.

So got all the color out and mixed with a spatula they give you and went at this thing for literally a few minutes to make sure that it was mixed “thoroughly”. Beforehand, I had carefully separated my hair and held the rest back with a band so that I could be as efficient as “I” can be in applying this paste onto my hair. They give you a wand/brush thing to apply it with, stating that you must take a large amount of paste and “roll” it on top of the strand of hair from root to ends, without leaving a lot at the roots (don’t know why). After the first try of this, I got really annoyed and just used my fingers to apply it, squishing it in, because I already had the designated hair sectioned out and just needed to get the stuff on.

After I did the front, from top of my head to just behind my ears, I did some underneath on the nap of my neck… one on each side. Just pulled out a piece and slapped it on. I still had more paste left, and being that I can’t see just throwing it away, I did three more very thin strands on the top, one on each side and one in the back. Then I put more of the paste on my four fingers and just finger-combed my hair on the sides and back… not very good coverage, but I didn’t want a stark color change there…… oh well, my adventurous self took the wheel on this one.

After my 30 minutes of “developing”, I got myself into the shower and rinsed my hair out; however, before I got in, I read Step 5, which said, “Keeping your gloves on, thoroughly rinse off mixture until water runs clear.” Needless to say, I did not keep my gloves on during my 30 minutes of waiting, and after you get those things off, I’d like to challenge anyone to try and get used, sweaty, plastic, ripped gloves back on a second time. Oh well. My next beef is that you are supposed to apply “after color” shampoo and “after color” rinse that comes in tiny 2 x 3 inch envelopes that are impossible to open in the shower without using your teeth. To be fair, the tiny amount allotted me did cover my head with lather to dye for… felt so luxurious on my head. But that is just foam, is it really working on all the colored area? The one thing that I liked about this product is that every item containing “stuff” was labeled, “1-2-3-4”. I’ll also say that I never noticed excess color run out of my hair. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but it brought my thoughts back to the missing expiration date.

I’d like to ask why they tell you that this product is not good for hair that is more than 20-25% gray. Sorry, I can’t find the exact verbiage on the instructions so it must be on the box… which is all goopy from stray stuff and in the garbage. Now, the gray part of my hair looks great, so why are they saying not to use it on hair that is moderately to predominantly gray?

All the while I was rinsing, I cannot see any change in color.. okay, so the light is kind of dim in there… must wait. Okay, so now I’m ready to come out, and I’m all set to look in the mirror that is right opposite the tub and whip the curtain back, swoosh! DANG the mirror is all fogged up! Jumped out of the tub, dried myself off, trying to act indifferent. I actually dried the mirror AND my eyeglasses, nice and clear so I could see what I had done to myself. Well, I did see the copper color really nice on my grays, themselves, but cannot make out anything more than that. I, too, must wait until tomorrow to see the total effect.