Gabriel reading

I thought it was time to chronicle the words that Little Drake can say now…. or I should rephrase that to “my skills at decoding the boy’s language have advanced to the point where I can discern some meanings). This will take awhile as I cannot remember even one right now, so will need to make this list slowly. LD has been practicing intonation, accents on words and hand gestures quite extensively, I might add.

Disclaimer: This order does not reflect chronological order of appearance in my son’s vocabulary. Child will never perform on demand… NEVER, so just take my word for it.

Okay here goes:

  • d-ERT (meaning: dirt- appeared right after I read a book that was in the shape of a Deere front loader and had wheels. Every page had dirt on it.)
  • Down (meaning: down)
  • ba BA (meaning: bottle. Appeared several months after he actually used them)
  • ma MA (meaning: mommie, though he does not address me as such)
  • dadadada… (meaning: daddy, and he does address daddy)
  • fa FA (meaning: fall down)
  • boop (meaning: book, sounding just like ‘book’ except for the ‘p’ sound)
  • goggie goggie goggie (meaning: dog)
  • meow (meaning: cat or kitten. Full pronunciation… WOW, two syllables.)
  • dowr (meaning: door, drawer, accent on rrr)
  • feesh (meaning: fish. Appeared right after he became fascinated by the Windows aquarium screen saver.)
  • juice (meaning: juice. Actually articulated only a couple of times)
  • eye-t (meaning: light & fan, since our ceiling fans have lights on them)
  • ha ha ha (meaning: hot, cold)
  • car (meaning: car)
  • bawl (meaning: ball)
  • eese (meaning: leaves)
  • bush (meaning: bush and bushes)
  • tanx (meaning: thanks)

UPDATE: 4/02/07~8:07pm How can I forget!….

  • hi (meaning: hi!)
  • no (meaning: No!..VERY clear.)
  • dog  (meaning: dog)  First used 4/03/07
  • pinch  (meaning: pinch)  After DH caught the zipper of his jacket on his neck.  LD is okay and no marks at his neck.

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  4/03/07~10:08pm…. Came home tonight and DH informed me of two more words!  After DH zippered up LD’s jacket, he said, “pinch”, and tugged on his neck… whoa, I’ve never used that word before, that I can remember in front of LD.  Then, as they were walking home from the park, out of the blue LD said, “dog”.  DH looked around and spotted, yes, a dog not to far from them… So that means that LD used the right word for dog now.  I will add these two words to the list at the top.
Well, I’ll have to leave that list as is because I can’t think of anything else. Not a very large list, but I am positive that he is saying more, I just need to break the code down further. Little Drake pretty much knows everything (almost) we are talking about and points to objects in the books we read to him. He loves books and we are very happy with that. I’ve got to say that I was very pleasantly surprised when he pointed to knitting that was depicted in “Good Night Moon” and he knew “boy” and “girl” before I ever showed them to him in the books. He knows mommie knits and he is forever grabbing my knitting to make the needles click together… as he likes to knit, too! I try not to use his baby talk, but I have slips every so often. I make it a point to pronounce every syllable and use correct English and grammar. I sound like a school marm! Though, remember how anal I am with my writing, so it’s not very difficult to do that.

Watching LD develop has been a true blessing for me, especially. I wish that my DH was around more so that he can see this, too, but he works so that I don’t have to, and so that I can stay up late at night to blog, right? I faithfully fill him in on what is going on with the baby and I basically function as the translator between my two guys. LD is basically teaching me how to teach him. Once I see the things he recognizes and how he recognizes, I can then move forward and facilitate more of the same thing. One thing I like to do is give him simple instructions and I know that he knows what I’m saying… even if he doesn’t do what I ask. He’s even learned the response to “God bless you.” (see above term) Man, I would NOT be able to do this if I was not HERE on a full time basis! How do working mothers DO it? Heck if I know.