Today is turning out to be a nice day, so we’ll be getting outside soon. LD loves when I blow bubbles for him… just my alley because I love them, too! I have my own jumbo bottle with a jumbo bubble wand! I’m just a big kid at heart. There I was, this grown 30-something woman going through a divorce, and at any given day I’d have bubbles in my trunk… just in case! I love to blow them even in the house and do it for LD all the time, now.  In the summer, I take them out a lot and love to blow them off my little back porch (terrace) so that the neighbors can wonder where they are coming from! My sister is getting LD a bubble gun, which is really like a rifle? I don’t know, but mommie can’t wait to take it over! use it! try it out.

Anyway, the reason for this post… side tracked again… Have you noticed the map on the side? This is supposed to be where I live, but the pin is not on our house, though, it’s the block. Our house is more towards the end of the block, at the dead end part. Last house on the left coming down the street. We live on a dead end street, which is great for the kids, but the cars still come down quite fast, even the people who live here and know. There are even really young kids in the street. I will never let LD go in the street this young as he needs to learn that the street is a dangerous place and certainly cannot distinguish between regular streets and so-called “safer” dead end ones. There is a girl who rides her bike in the street here, unsupervised, who is approx. 4yrs old! There is another little boy who is 5 who runs around the street and this just scares me so much. I am always taking a “motherly” tone with these kids to “always watch for the cars”.

Hilary Clinton was here, not to far from our house, yesterday. Funny how I had to hear about it on the radio and by then it was over. I had no idea she was coming. My friend told me that you need to be “in” with the politicians to be included. Funny, but I thought (silly me) that these politicians want to really talk to the “people” and get their message out to the “people”. The REAL people were probably barricaded away from where she was speaking. You know what I say? I say, “GO HOME… and stop clogging up the streets with traffic that is not allowed up certain streets because of your presence here. If you want to speak to a select few, arrange a private luncheon somewhere in our city, but STAY OFF OUR STREETS. You really don’t want to know our people.

I really have to laugh because most of “our people” are immigrants and who really knows how many are illegally here. So tell me Mrs. Clinton, “What are you going to do for our people?”

Oh, just a side note. This post was uploaded with Scribefire, last known as Performancing for Firefox. Was much easier to set up than BlogDesk, though BloDesk supports directly uploading photos to the blog… and THAT is a plus. I’ll let you know how these products measure up as I go along.