Stop the presses!

Have you heard about this group? It could just be that I am finding out about this much after the fact, which is just my style; but I have a news story and some links to share with you.

First heard about this on David Reidy’s podcast and blog, Sticks and String. The podcast is free and available at itunes. You probably know that David is Australian and knits. I have been behind on my podcasts because of trouble with itunes, but finally getting caught up. Tonight I learned about a team of knitting taggers who call themselves “Knittaplease” and place knitted tags around various cities. They have a site at Flickr and a myspace web site. I simply MUST find out more about this group. Here is an article written by the Houston Press about them, called, “Knitta Please!”

This is so amazing and I want to join… or maybe just start doing it here locally. I love this idea…. Knitted Activism!