This post was actually prompted by the fact that I could not post a comment to another blog at WordPress. It was to this post at The Justification of Justin called, “You Do The Math“. WP kept generating an error message stating that I had already commented. I then proceeded to change my comment in little ways, but got the same message… all the while, no comment ever showed up. Then I thought that Justin was moderating his comments, but when I wrote a comment asking, that comment showed up, so I knew that he wasn’t moderating.

I had tried to post a comment, asking for him to make up an equation for a phenomenon that occurred, here, last night after I got home from mass at 10:00 p.m. This is what I wrote:

Love it!

What would the equation be for :

woman slaves over stove to make man dinner
man buys sponge cake for dinner (chips on the side)
woman serves her “healthy” dinner
man eats a little
woman leaves to serve at 2 hr mass home by 10pm
man kisses woman “hello”
woman smiles
man goes to bed (without woman)
woman sees dishes on table and in sink
woman sees half eaten cake neatly put away
woman washes dishes
woman cleans kitchen table
woman wonders if baby was even fed because there is nothing to indicate it other than baby is sleeping.
woman pops open a soda (name withheld)
woman prepares 75 chocolate cups for holiday visits
woman surfs net
woman knows man spent entire night on the internet fiddling with fantasy……… baseball
woman decides to sleep really late so that man can spend “quality” time with baby in the morning.

That was really strange… what is stranger yet, is that this morning, DH shut down the computer before I could get a chance on it (normal occurrence), the strange part is that I turned the computer back on to print coupons and when I got to sit down, it was turned off again. do doo DOO do…………