Just realized that I’ve not written yet on April 3rd’s Topic, so I’ll write my contribution now, ironically, on the eve of the Resurrection of the Prince of Peace. Here are the questions:

Third Tuesday Topic
Tuesday, 3 April 2007
Try to imagine yourself as a lifelong Iraqi citizen.
What do you think would motivate you?
How do you think your life would change if foreign combatants left the country?
How do you think you would feel about the United States and other occupying countries?

I can imagine that if I were a life long Iraqi citizen, right now I’d be so totally scared to walk out of my house. I’d be worrying every day if the last person to walk out of the house would live long enough to come back home. I’d be scared that we would need to leave my homeland to escape persecution by every foreigner who was trying to “help” us. I’d want to get involved, but would be afraid to. I’d be a quivering idiot, probably living in the farthest corner of my home, in a closet, afraid of everything.

I have a son, 2 yrs. old; and I’d be afraid for his life. I’d be afraid that a bomb or missile will hit us and he’d be killed. Then I be thinking that maybe living to adulthood for him would be far worse as war and violence has a tendency of warping the young mind. I would fear that my beautiful, gentle little boy will be hardened by a hard, violent life, his innocence being the first casualty to be mourned just as assuredly as his physical body would be.

As I wrote that last sentence, I think that if I could save the young from a fate worse than death, I would work towards that. The young are the future and how we raise our children will affect our future, their future.

How do I think my life would change if foreign combatants left the country? Well, I do not think that life would immediately change all that much. Maybe after awhile, but I can’t see it changing for the better for some time because even if the foreigners are gone, I’d have to contend with my own countrymen who would be scrambling for power at the top. I’d be afraid of my neighbor accusing me of being a traitor just because we had a disagreement. I see these times being very unstable and while I’d have hope for a better day, I would wonder how long that better day would take to get here.

During occupation, I would try to trust those who profess to helping us. I’d try to take each day as it comes to treat them as human beings and not monsters. With that said, I would still not be able to forget that they were the ones in the first place who caused my world to turn upside down. For the better? Only time will tell. Will I be alive when that happens? I would hope so, but hope is a scarce commodity.

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