Easter Tie and Pin 2007

Got the idea to knit a tie for my son late, Thursday. I started it after he went to bed, then by the next day, I realized that it was too thick for him! This is a thickness of an adult tie, as you can see by the knot. Oh well. I wasn’t going to rip it out because I had so much of it done by then. It also had a point at the bottom, but I got it wrong and the stitches were not uniform. The result was that the point was not in the middle of the piece; so I just folded it under and sewed it back. As a note, I am not giving up. I will be making him more ties (in advance) for occasions and holidays. Knitting them makes a ton of sense because I can’t bring myself to buy one for him at this age when everything gets small so fast.

If you can see, the bunny on the tie was sent to Gabe from his Aunt Rene for Easter. You might not be able to see it too well, but in person you can because it’s raised up off the surface.  It was crocheted.  So simple, yet so cute and realistic looking!

Gabe won 7 eggs at his first egg hunt… his proud mama was “egging” him on the whole time. We had a great time even though it was so cold yesterday, especially out on the Island.

Still working on my blankets and devoting a little more time, currently, to the Log Cabin one as I have a little more than half the squares necessary for the Granny Square one, and only a few strips done for the LCB.

That’s enough for today, but just want to say that this is the first post that I was able to do, simultaneously, for both blogs, which is part of the reason I am keeping it short. I want the knitting blog to be focused on yarn stuff.