Okay. This one I cannot bear to do. The assignment for today was to simply post a picture of the Iraq War and talk about it. Simple, right? Not so simple. I saw some images tonight that are literally still turning my stomach; yet, if I posted a picture of less impact, less GOREY, that would be avoiding the raw truth of what is happening over there.

I think I’ve already mentioned that, as a mother, I am worried sick that my 2 year old son will be recruited, or drafted in the future. After seeing these pictures, I realize how so out of touch I really am with the realities of the wider world. I wonder at how easy I’ve had it up to now and I wonder when/if the shoe will fall. I feel guilty because I have a good life and there are people out there in the world, in Iraq, who are like me, just trying to live and they live in horror, in fear of that shoe falling every day…. I am so weak.

AND the shoe falls every single day.

Time runs on in our little, private bubbles in the U.S.

How long until our time runs out?

We need to get out of the war.