10,000 Clicks

Wow, just noticed that I topped 10,000 hits yesterday! Whoa Whoo!

Don’t know about you, but I find that incredible. Think about that number in years, like 10,000 years ago; OR 10,000 years in the future. Both ways mind boggling. 10,000 jelly beans. 10,000 fire ants crawling all over you… on second thought, don’t. If they did, you’d probably be dead. 10,000 anything is a way big number.

A few more blog stats:
165 posts (with this one)
1,523 spam comments blocked by Akismet

So, just want to say thank you to all my readers out there for thinking that I have something worthy to spend your precious time reading. I know what it’s like to try and prioritize my blog “reading”, let alone posting blogs and comments. It can get crazy sometimes.

So many blogs

So little time!


About dragonmommie

I am a wife and mother of an amazing eight year old boy. When school starts, I don the hat of “advocate”. This is very new to me and so, like everything else in my life right now, a necessary transition. I can see already that I will be honing my communication skills as well as sharpening my assertiveness. I am married to an amazing man, who, spoils me to no end. Not in a material way... NO I'm wrong. When he can, he does spoil me materially as he is well acquainted with my infatuation and love all electronic gadgets. I am a self professed EGG, “Electronic Gadget Groupie.” The most important way he spoils me is with taking over attending to our son's needs. My eye has always been caught by sparkly things, the beautiful, and the unique.

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  1. Dear Dragon Mommie!
    Greetings again!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your kind message!
    I actuall had left a comment on your blog a few days again but it just disappeared!
    This is waht I basically wrote:
    “Dear Fellow Dragon!
    Greetings from another Wyrm lying in the vicinity of an extinct volcano in a long island west of your lair!
    Discovered your bower while hovering away in my dreams.
    Hope our common magic will help this scroll reach you!
    Looking forward to reading your grimoire again!”


  2. YAY.. Congrats DM.. A Wonderful milestone in deed. Keep it up.

    I am doing a victory dance like those cutie football players… except my bootie shakes a LOT more!

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