Okay, Justin tagged me and as far as I can see, I must tell you 5 little or unknown things about myself in prose, so here it goes (eh eh!)

I figured out with 5-7-5 is, but as you can see, I make my OWN rules!

1. Push the veil back on mystery, and know that I love history
In the far misty past my own spirit was cast
A Dragon out of time, still finds her way to shine.

2. Sparkle and my red heart will sing, for I can’t deny I love bling.
Colors of the rainbow entrance me, eyes aglow
I do not collect bones but do collect rhinestones.

3. I love most the sand, wind and waves; this dragon misses and still craves
days and nights by the sea, I wonder if I’ll ever be
back in the warm sun and soar, to tickle my toes just once more.

4. I have a mean streak did you know? Enemy from within, my foe.
My dark side always here, apart of me I fear
All parts make up the one. Understand that, you’ve won.

5. My mind is so blank I cannot blink, yet I am not a Dink.
Where are they now, my two dink friends? Wish I could spy them with my lens
Can you guess I love new places, new scenes, new eats, new towns and faces?

[clearing mucous throat]

I tag Robert

I tag seandbe