Who’s More Deeply Disturbed?

My impulse is to make these words as big as this screen. Today I am deeply, deeply disturbed. I want to discuss the ban on late term partial-birth abortion that was just upheld by the Supreme Court. I’m not disturbed about that. I applaud that ruling. I never thought that I would be happy that Samuel Alito got confirmed, but today I was. Sometimes I am like a being skirting through life and do not absorb the details, but I will try my best to get the facts as I heard them. Apparently, this ban is more complicated than one might expect. There is a dispute over the wording on the ban, learned doctors say it’s vague and they’re unsure about what constitutes *”partial birth abortion”*. Quick solution: STOP DOING THE PROCEDURE. Confusion lifted. My own opinion is very simple, very blunt. If you are a woman who does not intend on giving birth to a baby, do not have sex. Period. That very specific event is what s-e-x is for in the first place. We, almighty human beings have distorted it into a tool (forgive the expression) for our own enjoyment, or lust. We are only concerned with what heights our passions will lead us to; and the sacred act, itself, is abused and it’s true meaning, it’s original purpose is obscured beyond retrieval. Looking at it this way, elevates the animals of the forest and the seas above us human beings. At least when they copulate they are fulfilling the honest purpose of the act, procreation.

UPDATE: 4/20/07 *…*= I added the word “birth” to “partial abortion”.

Let me state here that I am a Catholic and I do not believe in abortions in any way, shape or form, or in what month it’s supposedly acceptable and (healthy) to have one. My beliefs are mine alone; and I do not seek to force them upon anyone else. Oh, I will state here that I would willingly give my life so that my unborn baby might live. That is an excruciating difficult choice to make; but despite the fact that I have a husband I do not want to leave, and I have a 2 year old son that I am definitely not ready to leave, I also could not make the decision to end the life of a being inside my body, created with the love that my DH and I share. It’s hard. Even after writing that, I just know that my flesh is weak and I am balking on the inside; but the way that I see it is that God has given me the power to create, he has given me a partner to create with. How can I possibly terminate a life, a soul that God has entrusted to me?

I have to laugh because I just wrote of my personal beliefs and it was not really my intention, but how can that not come into a statement I make on this subject or any other? Though I have, indeed, stated my personal beliefs, I do not judge others. If someone makes the decision to have an abortion, it is between them and God; yet, I cannot fathom how someone can go through that. I, however, grieve.

GRAPHIC GRUESOME DESCRIPTION IN NEXT PARAGRAPH. PLEASE, IF YOU ARE A MOTHER, THINK TWICE ABOUT READING ON. OR BRAVE IT, AS I DID, BUT BE AWARE THE CONTENT IS DISTURBING. THERE ARE PICTURES, BUT I CANNOT BRING MYSELF TO LINK TO THEM. I am sorry, but I believe that a lot of women out there who had the abortion, seriously do not understand that their baby is actually being murdered. I believe that the doctors who do this procedure are leading on the women to believe that the baby doesn’t actually feel it; nay, I believe they are advising that the baby is not a baby at all, just a massive cluster of cells.

What I am truly disturbed about is what I found out about the procedure, itself. I am truly disturbed about what kind of individual, what kind of person would perform this murder under the guise of practicing medicine in the first place. I just learned today that some of these abortions are performed by dismembering the living fetus, inside the mother’s body, then removing it, piece by piece. Gruesome! Other procedures describe pulling the baby out, except for it’s head. The baby is alive, arms and legs moving about. The nurse must assist in making sure the fetus’ head stays in the birth canal. Then the baby is killed, with it’s head still inside, by stabbing him/her with surgical scissors, scissors used otherwise to save a life, then suctioning out the brains, collapsing the skull, effectively killing the baby. “Technically” the baby is not alive because the head is still inside, so it’s supposed to be okay. I want to know how the men and women of the medical profession can live with themselves, being representatives of the Healing Arts? How can they bring themselves to advise a mother to have one? How can they handle a living baby, up to 6-7 months gestation, then commit an act of homicide? Indeed, if the head slipped out, it would be considered homicide. How can they draw that line?

This is a LIFE we are talking about, an advanced life form, no longer an embryo, no longer an entity that our “learned” men (and women) are unsure, confused about whether it’s a life or not…. it’s a life! Again, women should not be getting pregnant if they are not ready to commit to rearing a child.

I do know for a fact that the women that have any type of abortion experience trauma. Though women are placed into the villain’s hat, they are really additional victims. They are victims of poor education. They are victims of a society that condones, indeed, encourages and facilitates promiscuous living. Personally, I DO know women who have had abortions and it was a traumatic experience for them, but really, did they stop having sex? The answer is no. So, what will happen should they get pregnant again? Will they go and have another abortion? When will it stop?

Women need to start taking responsibility for their own bodies, and I don’t mean claiming the right to terminate the gift inside. There was a time, not too long ago, that women knew exactly when they were ovulating. They were so attuned to their bodies that they knew everything that was going on with it. They knew when something went wrong at the slightest sign. When/Why did we become so out of tune with our own bodies? I believe that all this abuse and modern, fast medicine has alienated us from our own bodies. We no longer know ourselves, inside and out. We cannot even bring ourselves to be comfortable with our own bodies. We turn ourselves off to our bodies; we deny our bodies. What happened?


About dragonmommie

I am a wife and mother of an amazing eight year old boy. When school starts, I don the hat of “advocate”. This is very new to me and so, like everything else in my life right now, a necessary transition. I can see already that I will be honing my communication skills as well as sharpening my assertiveness. I am married to an amazing man, who, spoils me to no end. Not in a material way... NO I'm wrong. When he can, he does spoil me materially as he is well acquainted with my infatuation and love all electronic gadgets. I am a self professed EGG, “Electronic Gadget Groupie.” The most important way he spoils me is with taking over attending to our son's needs. My eye has always been caught by sparkly things, the beautiful, and the unique.

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  1. DM,
    WOW, great post(i’m gonna digg ya too). I agree with you that aborting babies is wrong. I believe that you are killing life, regardless of the stage of the life..Anything after conception is life as far as I’m concerned.

    thanks, Justin… I am afraid that when I write like this that I end up just rambling!

  2. DM,
    I agree this is a barbaric procedure. I do not understand why anyone would do this procedure. Your article is well written. I do believe in Choice, however I believe that option should be only during the first trimester.

    Thanks, tobeme… I believe in free will, but not that this country or any country should offer this option to women. God did give us free will, and so in this day and age, as it is already established, women exercise their free will. In this day and age, with abortion already entrenched in our culture, I acknowledge that it’s not up to me to judge, but I can’t help crying out in pain for all those babies murdered… and I’ve SEEN the pictures. There is no doubt in my mind that this is murder, so it’s not just coming from my religious faith.

  3. Dragonmommie!
    This Dragon is a convinced agnostic, but I have never made an issue of religion. It’s too private a thing to be judged.
    I believe in contraception. After all it is necessary even inside a family or couple which the unfortune to include an HIV positive member.
    Now, I believe that if you do not want to be faced with the suppression of life, do not have sex as you said. I’ve seen a lot of children rejected all their life for lack of love, and I think it is as bad as abortion.
    In Japan abortion has become a form of contraception. It is recommended by doctors…
    My personal opinion is to show responsibility in abstaining or assuming sex with all the consequences. This is not for religious reasons, but for ethical ones. A bit complicated, sorry!

    Robert… never worry about a complicated answer! I might be sounding a bit prudish in this post, but believe me, I’ve sown my wild oats! It saddens me that the Japanese are using abortion as contraception. But then isn’t there a history of them killing their girl babies?

    I have experienced such a difference in the sex when it’s with a life partner. I can’t believe that at one time, I thought that I could have a casual attitude towards sex. For me, of course religion is involved, but I also simply just feel that it’s not worth it outside of marriage. I’ve experienced it for fun and I’ve experienced it with the possibility of creating life in my mind; and I’ve found it even more erotic that way than just for fun…. but that’s how I feel about it.

  4. Dear Debbie!
    It seems I have solved that spam problem! Would you believe that my own replies on my own blogs have been classified as spams in two instances.
    To come back to our topic, it is true that sex reaches different and higher levels with a life partner, or partners in my case as I’m going through my second marriage.
    The simple reason for this is that you learn about each other’s needs and also learn how to satisfy them to move onto the next level.
    In your case I would presume that the birth would be the apex of a shared sexual pleasure.

    Robert… I’d love to know what got you classified as spam… as here is your post again retrieved from my chamber of limbo… you were surrounded by tons of viagra and sex toy ads.

    I am on my second marriage, as well, but I do view DH has my last one and only. I never thought I would say this, but I don’t think I could ever look for another partner should something happen to us… although, I do have my son to consider and a man would have to be really exceptional as a father figure for him for me to even consider getting married again.

    I don’t want to seem/or be judgmental, but I really don’t think that the young people today truly know what they are playing with when they choose to have sex… and I am including in this the young people who get married, too. I do not believe that just because you are married that all of a sudden you know what the score is. This is part of my reasons for supporting abstaining from sex before marriage. For the same reasons, I believe that people should wait before they get hitched until they truly understand the commitment they are undertaking. The church does try to educate people through Pre-Cana classes and retreats, but the young do not take it seriously. They do not participate with open minds because come hell or high water, they are getting married, so their minds are closed… which, of course, defeats the purpose of the pre-cana. I can speak this because I was such one person with my first marriage. Both of us just went through the motions and knew what kind of answers to give, and gave them just to speed through the process.

    I’ll step down now!

  5. Oh, I wanted to comment on your last thought, “In your case I would presume that the birth would be the apex of a shared sexual pleasure.”

    This is a bit off. Because of some health and age issues, I hesitate at the thought of another pregnancy. I must place my trust in God that whatever will happen will be for our greater benefit. I know that might sound naive, but I guess that is what my faith is about… trusting in God to take care of us…. and He has.

    Miracles do happen and my little boy is proof of that. We consider him our Miracle Baby. I have some stories at the beginning of my blog and I think some in my bio, but if you are interested, the version with all the facts in one place is here:

  6. Ah, I’ve reconsidered your thought… and yes, I guess a birth would be the apex of shared sexual pleasure. My thought process was not going along those lines at the time I read this last night. I was thinking that yes, that possibility would be the result, but not always the conscious goal!

  7. Wonderful post, DM! I too am pro-life and find the practice of abortion to be a heinous crime against humanity! Not only is there the murder of an innocent, but often there is the untold emotional suffering for the women who choose that path. There is evidence that abortion hurts women- if not immediately then certainly afterwards, abd especially in her later years when deeds of the past come up to haunt her and cause regret. This is very commonly during menopause. Abortion not only kills a child, but kills basic human compassion in the “health” field workers who recommend it and/or do the procedure. I find it offensive and ironic that a “women’s health centre” is so named when in fact all that they offer there is death! I believe the worst regrets would be for the women who were co-oerced or misinformed about abortion and who then or in later years came to regret that choice, believing that they had killed their own child. For no amount of words can really disguise the fact that the cluster of cells is in fact a potential child. They must know it in their heart. After all, the very words “I am having a baby” says it all- have you ever heard anyone say “I am currently host to a clump of cells?” It is the fact that a baby is coming that causes a panic- natural intelligence knows that it is a child in the making. Given that there are only a few inches between being born and unborn, it is no small wonder that the assisting nurse has to ensure that a baby’s head doesn’t slip out of the birth canal during an abortion. It sickens and saddens me that the law is not enforced and that it does not decree that a person has been murdered even with the head as yet unborn. We live in a sick world and unfortunately abortion is always going to be prevalent. All we can do is stand up against it and be a voice for the innocents vicariously mutilated and then sucked out of the warmth of their mother’s wombs.

    Sorry this is a long post, DM!

    You have hit a raw nerve. I have never had or contemplated an abortion, and I hate it with a passion!



  8. Glenys… Thanks so much for your response and critique. This one came out so fast and fluidly that I was unsure in the beginning if I made any sense. Don’t worry about the length of your post, I love long ones. I read your blog and aside from thinking that you would appreciate it, I thought that you could probably add a lot more to what I had written. Oh, and thanks for the ping. I will check out your article presently.

    I’ve spent most of my life “disliking” the idea of abortion, but not feeling strongly about it, one way or the other. After being pregnant myself, seeing pictures of the embryo and fetus, I have suddenly become a passionate pro-life advocate. During my lifetime, I have known individuals who have had an abortion and I can tell you that not only are their minds traumatized, but their souls as well. These women were more broken, I think, from the abortion than from just getting pregnant. God gave us free will and boy, what an obstacle course He has put us onto in order for us to use it.

  9. Great post. I too am confused over the extra attention that just the sex act has. It has consequences in many arias. It should not be just for fun. You are dealing with lifes, a potental one and your own. Having a sexual ralationship is a bond, love, commeitment, and so much more. You have to really understand that before you do that with anyone. I just dont understand why our socity has made it so… easy.

  10. Thanks, seandbe… I agree with you about the attraction to the “act”. There is so much more to the physical act than what people assume. They make a dramatic point about how it’s “their” body and nobody has a right to tell them what to do. You know, people tend to get very defensive over this issue. People claiming their bodies for their own is all well and good, but it’s gotten to the point where they’ve LOST the point about what it’s all about.

    In their zeal, people have gotten irresponsible. I find this more often with the young. Their bodies are just blooming and they have no idea how to cope with what is happening and what they are feeling. They want to feel grown up, want to pass themselves off to the world as adults, yet they are innocent children, getting lost in this crazy world. Inevitably, they get into “trouble”.

    Oy, too much personal opinion here, I fear.

  11. i totally agree with you on the whole abortion issue. it is sick and wrong. my sister became pregnant when she was 16, yet abortion was NEVER a thought. from the moment of conception, it is a LIFE. thank you for your blunt post!!

    i would like to say though, that within a marriage, sex can and should be for pleasure, not just pro-creation. i don’t know what i would do if i thought that was all it was for. God made them man and woman, to pro-create as in Genesis, but also to enjoy each other thoroughly, as in Song of Solomon. within the bounds of marriage, there has to be freedom to enjoy and focus on the pleasure that the sexual act brings.

    thanks for such a great post! it is refreshing to hear someone talk about abortion without apology! God bless you.

  12. Hi Jeanette… Thanks for commenting.
    First, I’d like to apologize if I come off as too prudish… I do believe that sex within marriage can and should be used for pleasure as well as procreation. If I only looked at it for pro-creation, I’d be one frustrated dragon! What we believe is that we simply must keep our minds open to the “possibility” of creating life and welcoming it into this world.
    For us, sex has become is a very special form of communication and reaffirmation of the acceptance, love and trust we share. It’s a whole bunch of things and pleasure is certainly high on that list. The intimacy we share is indescribable and sometimes the only chance we get to really LAUGH. It’s not that we don’t, but we happen to have two very differently wired brains for humor.
    Thanks again for commenting and come back again… I really enjoyed reading your comment.

  13. okay…thanks for the clarification!!LOL! i just thought i would never make it if i only thought of it for making babies! HAHAHA! 🙂
    yeah, it is definitely a connection that surpasses even words at times. i have 4 beautiful kiddos, and it is the one place i can feel like a woman, and not a snot-rag, diaper-changing, story-reading, one syllable word monster!! LOL
    God bless! and thanks for visiting my site too!!

  14. I definitely know what you mean! As a matter of fact, in the beginning I thought that I could not have kids, so it was all for the pleasure then, even though I often fantasized about making a baby and what that would be like.

    Yes, definitely the only place I can regularly feel like a woman! I don’t even have a chance to put on makeup any more… though recently, I’ve been working at that.

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