I didn’t mean to be, but I am upset again over this abortion issue. I just clicked on one of the referrals that link to my blog out of curiosity, and I found the search page that had led the person to my blog. I will not go into the details now because I already did so in my previous post, “Who’s More Deeply Disturbed”. I will just post the link to a nurses’ description of what she saw. Keep in mind that before she attended this so-called doctor, she was “Pro-Choice”.


Sorry about this could-be-construed-as-a-rant, but I can’t help it. It’s always been my desire to share what I am feeling, at the time I feel it as that is when my emotions have the most clarity for me. After the fact documenting, has always produced fuzzy accounts of what is really in my head and heart.

UPDATE: 5/03/07, 12:30pm~ I just want to add this quote from the link above:

“The partial-birth abortion procedure is used in the fifth month and later. The difference between partial-birth abortion and homicide is a mere three inches….”