Robert of Dragonlife just dedicated one of his recipes to ME. I am so honored! It looks scrumptious for something without chocolate in it; which, for me, is really saying something. I will be sure to make this and taste it as I’m still diabetic… but I am sure that one. taste won’t set me back too much. I am wondering if I can make this with Splenda. I am pretty sure that I can do it, but I will make the “real” recipe first…. and share.

I’ll have to see if I have all the ingredients… oh and find something that translates from the metric system to what I use in the US… geez, I don’t even know what we call it!

If you are interested in a souffle, check out his Lemon Cointreau Souffle. Can you believe that Word Press’ spellchecker is marking “souffle”? What is the deal with that? I checked with and it shows this spelling to be okay. BTW, “okay” is not okay. I guess they expect us to be good spellers on our own!

Thanks again, Robert!