I wrote this for The Drake when we were courting. He so inspired me to write love poetry. I guess my creative heart benefited from abstaining from each other sexually. So, you people I dare you to try it!

I know that I’ve hesitated posting my poems, but I got the urge today and will go with it before I relent.

Your Angel’s Angel…

Looks for you in the night
Eyes powerless but spirit willing
She reaches for you with her very soul
On a thread of time

Exquisite recognition flutters through her being
So faint and frail yet a clear, roaring trumpet
Making no mistake
Senses so alive, so awake
Breath does not come

You call her from within
She can almost touch you
Almost taste your
Your Sweet Lips

Oh Lord, I pray
May that You would carry me home
I yearn for you so
For us

copyright 2003 Debra M. Sedita