First let me apologize for not getting this out over the weekend. It was one of those rare times DH was home on both days and, well, you know how great the weather was, or hope you did. Anyway, this was started on Saturday and so, here is where we start:

DH and I were talking this morning about Josh Hancock and the fact that he was on his cell phone when the tragic accident occurred. DH (rabid baseball fan) promptly proceeded to advise me that now the Cardinals’ are banning alcohol in the clubhouse. Duh. I can’t tell you how much it really annoys me that you have sports organizations, who actually capitalize on the fact that their players are role models for young kids, suddenly alter their “innocent” policies after a tragic incident such as this one. The man was drunk and talking on his cell phone; if that were not bad enough, they found marijuana and relevant paraphernalia in his SUV. What’s it gonna take?

In a news conference, the general manager, Walt Jocketty, announced, “I think it’s probably a wakeup call to everybody.” He went on to say that Mr. Hancock “made some bad decisions that night.” To me, this sounds like he is talking about a decision made in the proverbial board room, one made at work that could be changed should there be an adverse reaction to it. Wakeup call? The man forfeited his life to a life style.

Another complication was that the tow truck he crashed into was in a traffic lane; but I am sure that it had it’s hazard lights on. Mr. Hancock was not wearing a seat belt, though experts are saying that, in itself, would not have prevented his death as he died within seconds of the impact. Some of his peers, team mates, are of the impression that if one of these factors were eliminated from that night, this accident would not have occurred. I am not so sure. If Mr. Hancock were not drunk and not chatting up a woman on his cell phone at the time, he most likely would have seen the hazard lights flashing. These guys are groomed, trained from the very beginning to perform as though they cannot be touched by life. They are given, to put it mildly, absurd privileges just to play sports. The affect is of gladiator proportions. Even gladiators fall eventually.

If one can have a pre-disposition towards alcohol in their genes, then the same can be said for the institution of baseball. As part of the education I received from DH about the connection between alcohol, drugs and baseball, he dropped quite a few names, mostly from the past, of players of the sport who died of causes directly related to alcohol. Keep in mind this part of the continuing conversation took place in the car:

  1. Ed Delahanty who fell off a train going over Niagra Falls, NY.
  2. Bugs Raymond died at age 29
  3. Pete Alexander, a pitcher who frequently played the game while intoxicated
  4. Rube Wadell, died 47 alcohol related
  5. Mike Donlin, died in the early 30’s

Here is a list of baseball players who got into recovery.

  1. Ryne Duren, into recovery in the late 50’s
  2. Glen Wright, first to get into AA and played in the 20’s and 30’s
  3. Steve Dalkowski

Can somebody tell me why professional sports players need to make so much money? It’s not like their living expenses (at least during the season while traveling, if not also when they play at home), food, travel are not covered by the team. When I look at some of these salaries, I want to gag, literally. Maybe it’s sour grapes. I really wish that I had just 1 million dollars and I see these guys making exponentially more than that. They can’t live for 1 million a year, 2 million to be more generous? Is life that bad that they need hundreds of millions, some of them; even while their own team mates make a lot less? Does that difference even matter once you’re in the millions? Is the healthcare issue apart of this? I mean we’re talking MILLIONS. If they should permanently hurt themselves, do they really need hundreds of millions to cover their healthcare costs?

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Another celebrity in the news is Paris Hilton. Apparently, she is actually going to jail for breaking probation after being found guilty for driving under the influence of alcohol. She got off easy the first time, now she is still trying to wiggle out of it. This is what Miss. Hilton can expect in jail. Just another individual out there who is acting “dumb” hoping the judge would let her off because she is a celebrity, or that is how it appeared to me when I read the above article. She actually said that she wasn’t “aware” that she could not drive, even after signing a document after being pulled over, yet another time. She tried to blame it on her PR guy. She told the judge that she “wanted to be more aware or involved” in her affairs from now on. Hello? How old is she? She is a millionaire in her own right, with all of the projects that she is involved in. Is she a pathetic case of “wealth gone wild”? In my opinion, her mother acted worse than she, because she yelled at the prosecutor after it was all over. The last that I heard is that Paris is petitioning Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for a pardon and her attorneys are appealing the sentence. I say just get over yourself already and pay the price of your irresponsible actions. Come to grips with the fact that you are just like us, the ordinary people that live in this country. You break the law, you pay the price.

Am I being too harsh? Maybe these people are the victims. Victims of privilege. It draws you in, you take it for granted; then it proceeds to strip you down and destroy you AND the person you could have been had you not been under it’s influence.