Wow, I had to add a category for this post, “Friendship”. Funny, I have not written about friendship. Maybe that is because I don’t really have many friends around here. Mostly acquaintances, people from church, etc.; but nobody that I can just hang out with, well, except my sister but she is also very busy and can’t just pick up and hang out at a moment’s (or two) notice. This post is really about something that I was making for Grace, of The 13 Graces… and it’s STILL not done yet. Ha… maybe that is why I have no friends! Sigh. I wanted it to be a surprise, so I was all secretive about what it was going to be. Trellis Triangle ShawlThis is the Trellis Triangle Shawl on the Lion Brand site. After I did finish, something was obviously very, very wrong with it. I think I figured out what it was and will correct it, but I realize that I did read the pattern correctly and maybe there is a mistake in the pattern. I checked the site under “corrections” and did not find any for this pattern. I’ll write them about it so they can make a correction to the pattern, OR tell me what I did wrong. It could be that I knitted this thing “too” loosely, but doing that was written in the instructions; it simply has no body to it. I had the Drake hold it up exactly as the model is in the picture and it was too thin in the back, maybe stretching out too far. In any case, I will frog it and redo it.Grace, I’m so sorry and embarrassed that you still do not have this shawl in your hands. This is SUCH and easy thing to do… while it’s easy, I did learn new things while doing it, so it was a great learning experience for me, knitting-wise and I am grateful that you inspired me to it. The main reason for writing this post is to tell you that and to tell you that I think I understand when you say that not having it does not matter to you; but that it is the thought that counts… agh, to put that in my own words. Of course I know that the thought counts, but sometimes intention is simply not enough to warrant such kind words. I guess that is what “Grace” really is. You receive it without deserving it.

It’s coming time again for me to pick out another cell phone as every two years I am eligible for it through VerizonWireless. I still really love LG’s Cherry Chocolate…. and it’s FREE…. whoopie! Until, the Drake started talking about the iPhone… yes, the IPHONE! Here is another clear view . Sigh… I simply cannot justify that expense in my head, though I would LOVE owning the iPhone, potential bugs and all! I don’t even have a job, let alone one that I would need that for. Then he started talking about the Blackberry Curve 8830 that is coming out in a couple of days.

I did some research and found out that with my plan, it could cost us as low as $100.00 to purchase the Blackberry Curve, but will require an added subscription of around $44./month. “He wants his wife to be on the cutting edge”; that and he wants me to be happy with my next phone and he knows what a big electronics groupie I am. I should just give in to him, right? LOL… Today I told him that what it comes down to is that I would not want to get a sophisticated phone like that and be limited with what I can do with it. That would, in turn, entail that we spend extra money each month, instead of just one time. Oh, I am SO getting off the track here, but I’ll try to fix it later.

In the interest of delaying the phone story a bit, I will cut in here to keep a hold of my train of thought. Drake is totally prepared to spend as much $$$$ for some sort of smart phone for his stay at home wife… who, btw, hardly gets any calls from anybody! The only thing holding him back, ironically, is me. To bring me back to what Grace had said, I just totally love that he wants to do this for me. I really appreciate it, just as though he had already done it, even if it comes down to me talking him out of it. The whole effect is that in my mind, I live with a deed already done, though not done. Is this the same, Grace? Get it? If not, ask questions and I’ll try to further clarify it.

Okay, back to new phone details. We are still debating what to do, but if we do this, it will not just be for my own convenience. Drake wants to take us to the “next step”. It might just pay to look into wireless broadband access. This way a smart phone can get unlimited internet access, just like a computer, our computer at home gets wireless access and it’s a laptop so we’d be able to take it anywhere and have web access, and we’d be able to get rid of our land line and DSL for good, which would help offset the cost of doing all this. Of course, Drake will finally have to break down and get a cell phone for himself, which would mean another line added, which adds cost. How does this sound?

Did you know that accessing a browser through your average cell phone will not let you on to just any page on the net? The sites are “pre-determined” by Verizon. I would not have access to my own google account, let alone my blog. Access is severely limited to what VERIZON wants you to view. There are only two email services that you can access and aol is one and I forgot the other. When I heard that, my scales bristled, big time. This really rubs me the wrong way and I want to spit. If you get a blackberry or smart phone, it’s like a little pc and you have access anywhere. In all this, keep in mind that the Cherry Chocolate VX8500 is FREE! iPhone is definitely out of the question as I would want the more expensive one with 8GB and probably speakers. I wonder if it will dock into speakers that the iPod can dock into.

Finally getting back to Grace’s shawl. Grace, I do want to let you know that as (obviously) you are not in the dark about this any longer, I will post my progression, sometimes with pictures, if they show dramatic progress. Sorry, but I’m too much of a perfectionist to send you what I have, as is. Hope everything is going well for you and know that I am thinking of you.