For this announcement:

Earlier today, officially, Little Drake addressed me as “marmie” and “ma ma” ~~ Several times!  Unbelievable!  At first I could not believe it, then I realized that it could not have been anything else.

THEN, later in the evening, he reached out towards his daddy and said “da da”, a few times… I saw, and it could not have been anything else.  Oh man, two in one day!

He’s been saying more and more words lately, but this just totally blew me away.  I was resigning to the reality of never being personally addressed by my child.  It came after he got home from an early morning walk and visit to the park.  He must have been in a great mood… or dare I say, he missed his mommie?  The Drake’s addressment came while we were sitting on a bed, watching the Drake adjust the crib to the lowest rung.  Little one has been using his crib as a trampoline and we need to be safe.  The little guy reached out towards the big guy and said, “da da da”…  so cute.

Okay, that’s enough sap for tonight.  We return you to your regularly scheduled program.