Grace is the Winner of my Start-of-the-Summer-Quiz! Yea for Grace!

She correctly named the author of the quote in my last post, here, to be Marianne Williamson and I did a quick google, because I’m ALLOWED, and found out it’s from her book, “A Return to Love”. Grace mentioned that this piece is usually incorrectly attributed to Nelson Mandela’s inaugural speech; but in reality, He quoted Ms. Williamson. My records are, of course, Wrong, so it’s back to my files to make corrections to my little collection for posterity.

Congratulations, Grace. I just might have the perfect prize for you… but not the shawl, yet. Please send your address to my email address.  Oh, as a note, even if I didn’t google it, I would still believe Grace because these are just the type of books she would be reading!