Someone emailed this video to me and I am totally floored. Well, maybe I should not be, but it’s scary to think that our government is committing tax fraud. I am just learning about this but it’s been going on since 1913.

edited 11:33am:  Because the video is so long, I am actually still watching it.  There is a lot more here than just about income taxes.  They are talking about the Federal Reserve Bank which is really a private corporation… not a federal agency.  This means that a private company is controlling America’s gold… and effectively, America, itself. 

This is a documentary, “America Freedom to Fascism”, was made by producer Aaron Russo. I have copied the description from the video:

Determined to find the law that requires American citizens to pay income tax, producer Aaron Russo (“The Rose,” “Trading Places”) set out on a journey to find the evidence. This film which is neither left, nor right-wing is a startling examination of government. It exposes the systematic erosion of civil liberties in America since 1913 when the Federal Reserve system was fraudulently created. Through interviews with U.S. Congressmen, a former IRS Commissioner, former IRS and FBI agents and tax attorneys and authors, Russo connects the dots between money creation, federal income tax, and the national identity card which becomes law in May 2008. This ID card will use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips which are essentially homing devices used to track people. This film shows in great detail and undeniable facts that America is moving headlong into a fascist police state. Wake up!


Dear Lovers of Liberty, the struggle is just beginning! Get ready…

Are you aware by May of 2008 the law will require you to carry a national identification card?

Are you aware that there are plans being developed to have all Americans embedded with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) computer chip under their skin so they can be tracked wherever they go?

Are you aware the Supreme Court has ruled that the government has no authority to impose a direct unapportioned tax on the labor of the American people, and the 16th Amendment does not give the government that power? «

Some of that sounds dramatic and alarmist, but it’s totally possible… the technology exists. I am hoping that someone more learned than I (which is almost everyone) will have seen this video already, or will watch it from here, or who might know about what is going on already. I am hoping for people to shed more light, educate me and whoever else who might be reading this. Please, PLEASE comment if you have anything to add.

Please put aside enough time to watch it. The run time is 1 hour 49 minutes, but I think worth the time.

Without further ado: