I still feel that I must write more about my post from yesterday regarding what will be happening in this country as early as May 2008. At that time, we will be required to have a “National ID” implanted into our drivers license. You will be in possession of a micro chip capable of locating you, wherever you are. It’s like a GPS. If that is not bad enough, micro chips of this sort have already been implanted into consumer products. The stated reason is for marketing so that companies can track what and how we use their products for, and where we take them. Doesn’t that scare you? I mean, it’s not their business. Okay, so you might be thinking that it would be a good way to track terrorists, or so it’s implied on the video, “America Freedom to Fascism”; but it’s a little too “Big Brother” for me. What’s it going to take for people to wake up and smell the coffee? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “People are like sheep”. We allow ourselves to be herded here and there, then they lock us up in a corral…. and we go willingly like a lamb to slaughter. Does anyone know what that means? It means that lambs to not have the wit enough to know they are going to be killed, so they follow along without a care in the world. Next thing, their throat is slit and even at that last second, they had not a clue. That, people, is us. As long as we look good sitting in that new car that the bank loaned us, sitting pretty, we are oblivious to everything happening around us. We actually believe that we own that car…. then why do we make car payments? People in this country used to actually own their businesses, property, houses, cars. Now we are a nation of debt. The people who make the money have the power to control the people.

The federal reserve bank, a private corp. (I will not even give them the courtesy of capital letters), is in possession of all our gold that was in Ft. Knox. They print our money from out of thin air. There-is-no-value to our money. Paper money was originally intended to represent this country’s gold stored in Ft. Knox, so only so much could be printed. People could actually go to a bank and exchange paper money to get actual gold back. They printed so much paper money that we do not have gold enough to substantiate the represented value. When our president needs a couple of billion to fund the military, he calls up the federal reserve and >poof<, it gets printed. Our money is worth almost nothing, not even the paper it’s printed on, as evidenced by the next to nothing buying power it has. Look at how much a dollar’s value was worth back in 1913 when this all started. Think to yourself what can I actually buy with a dollar. Not half as much as you could get in 1913. Explains a lot and it’s pretty scary.

The video also explains how we became a nation of debt and how and why that condition was orchestrated by the bankers in power. Again, explains a lot…. and how they are systematically eliminating the middle class from the structure of society. Even I can see how the middle class has been chipped away. People are either rich or poor, and whatever middle class there is, it’s definitely more poor than just “in the middle”. I look at myself. I am not homeless, DH puts food on the table, we have clothes on our backs, yet we are not comfortable to say the least. No, I should amend that. I want to make it clear that I am not complaining about my situation. What I am attempting to do is compare the middle class, or what I assume the middle class is. We are comfortable because we have what we need, the necessities of life; but I know for a fact that some people would think we are poor… or that we could live better. We do not have a lot of furniture… we don’t even have a proper couch. We have DSL, but we do not have a TV. When I was growing up, middle class, a tv was taken for granted. I still consider myself “middle class”, yet I am in the position of having to make a choice between the two. What is wrong with this picture? Or maybe we are really poor and don’t know it. We live like this because we refuse to put everything on credit. We pay cash.

Do you see why I am so worried about getting a chip implanted into my body? I’ll bring up terrorism again. Maybe they want to be able to track terrorists and they can’t do that with the physical money system (yet). But, if they are so concerned about Homeland security, then why are they so lax with our borders? I know that if I was the president, after 911 the first thing I would have done was to close the borders, all around. Let nobody in who didn’t live here already. Yet, we still see people coming in through our airports and we still see constant problems going on with the borders…. especially down by Mexico. Is there any reasoning? If there is, I don’t understand it. We could have had the borders closed, if even temporarily. I’m not saying for forever, here. Illegal immigrants are still coming in by the truckloads, and any one of them could be a terrorist in disguise.

So, the citizens of this country will tagged, monitored and controlled, while the bad guys will not… because even the immigrants who come here to make an honest living will eventually be tagged, too, into slavery… well that is what it amounts to. Slaves were branded, corralled, worked without pay, could not own property, did not have a say in their destinies. Their lives were not their own. Is this beginning to sound familiar? Is this hitting home even a little bit? We are all at the disposal to the whims of our masters. If we really want our freedom back, we had better wake up and do something about it while we still have a chance.

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