Don’t have a toddler in your life?  You are missing out on a lot, if you don’t.  So far, this has been a real roller coaster ride, but my little man has begun coming into his own… well, as  this stage of his life will allow.  When Little Drake turned 2 years old, last March, he said that the object of the game will now be just keeping him from hurting himself and he has been proven correct again, and again.  He will turn 3 years old in just a month, now, and I think I’ll be attempting to do some comparisons between 2 and 3…. It’s been a ride!

This video is hysterical! But I’d advise to view it before letting your little ones because there are parts that they might like try out.

There should be a disclaimer: “Don’t try this at home.”

I love Sean Morey’s humor, though.  I’ll be posting more of his stuff soon.