Hi Everybody… if you’re still listening, I am posting a comment that I originally spammed because I REALLY hate spammers and the games they play. After actually reading this comment, however, I’ve decided to actually post it because the message is something that I believe is slowly, but surely coming to fruition and the public, you know those blind sheep, are totally oblivious. I take that back. Even blind sheep have instincts and us humans have abandoned ours in the name of “civilization”. I’ve written about it here and here.   What is it that we refuse to see?  American Freedom does not exist.  Sad but true.  Something to think about this Fourth of July while we’re out there ooing and ahhing at major firework displays while listening to “patriotic” music….. pathetic, aren’t we?

When I was a child, we had visitors from recently restored Germany. We wanted our beloved family visitors to remain in the USA. They refused, seeing it was already becoming a police state; enforcing the nations of the world. Their main remark of which I have only the translation because I don’t speak German was, “The hunter becomes what he hunts.” America has become Communist,Fascist,and National Socialist in its governmental administration. Aaron Russo is dead wrong. We don’t any longer have power as citizens in America. The game is won by the Central Bankers and the game is over except for the shouting. This happened for the same reason Hitler came to power in Germany. The public is dumbed down by the willing lapdog media, the Joe and Jane Sixpacks only want another beer and Lucky Strike. As long as personal freedom to breed more like themselves, use medical marijuana, be gay and married, demand stupid things like clean air and water instead of an accountable state servant, nothing will change. As long as Joe and Jane Sixpack keep eating Big Macks, tapping out their credit cards, and voting for candidates picked by the “Unseen Hand”, the nation is doomed just as President Jefferson predicted. The more sychophantic question Joe and Jane Sixpack ask is always, “What can I do about it? I’m just a poor little abused taxpayer. I have a good enough life. Leave me alone.” As long as such apathy exists among America’s 21st Century citizens, tyrannical slavery is the fate of each once sovereign citizen.

If it means I lose everything, I will not carry a chipped ID, driver’s license, or implant RFID chip. If Joe and Jane Sixpack also refuse, the fiat money system will come crashing down like the Twin Trade Towers in New York AKA 911. Then, I will leave this cesspool country rather than be physically enslaved by it. God damn Washington D.C. and the FED cartel of banks.

Aaron Russo died this year. When one considers mysterious deaths from President Kennedy on, it makes me suspect the “Unseen Hand”. Have any brains? Watch your back. The Congress is co-opted. The Supreme Court is co-opted. Judge Sandra Day O’Conner will not discuss why she stepped down from the Supreme Court. The President has usurped dictatorial powers from Congress through the Patriot Act. The best decision to take is leave America if you can afford to leave. America is today in much worse shape than she was in 1774 before the Revolution that separated America from England.

John Mahler