LD resting so cozy in his warm egg.

I know that I’ve not been keeping up with blogging, but if I didn’t write about this, I’d be remiss and a BAD mommie! It’s so hard to believe that just a few scant years ago, I laid the egg that brought us our Little Drake.  Sigh.  I am in awe.

So, as of last Wednesday, this little guy officially started school–pre-school, that is. See how grown up he is?  Mommie cried but only after she left the room.

LD loves shaking this rainstick.
LD loves shaking this rainstick.

The first two days, he was apprehensive, but okay.  Teacher told me that he cried a little, but she thought it was because another boy started crying…. it’s contagious, you know.  Then Friday came and he flat out did not want to go.  This realization occurred as we were walking into the school, embedded into a sea of people, big and small.  Ugh… you know, trying to reassure the little one, while trying to keep up the pace so that the wave doesn’t wash over us.  Well, we get to the classroom and he is literally hanging off of me, red-faced, crying his eyes out.  I waited there, reassuring him, while the teacher was speaking with another mom… in Spanish–drat!  Later on, I found out something about her daughter not eating and the teacher was trying to get the mom to “help”, but not sure what she could have done, aside from telling her daughter to eat.  The teacher told me that they try to get parents to “do their part” to help them when they get their children because they cannot force the kids to eat or do anything they don’t want to do, which kind of makes sense at this age, I am thinking, so as to not turn the kid off to school at such young age… you’d want them to have a pleasant experience in school… well, again, at this age at least!  Anyway, I finally got out of there after being reassured by the teacher that this is all a part of the transition.

No matter how much I am happy about him getting into school, every morning it’s so hard for me to leave.  Part of me just doesn’t want to leave him, and part of me just wants to observe… third party, detached observation.  Like George, I am curious!  Just have to be careful not to get into trouble…. tangent time:

Hey, if  you’re into Bob Dylan/Bruce Springstein-isk music, check out Josh Ritter… if you already know about him great, but I just now got a chance to listen to a live concert broadcast by NPR Oct.9th, 2007… yeah, I know.  Just a tad bit late, but better late than never!  I am really enjoying this!… back on track… no wait, he’s worth a video!  If you get a chance, check out his other videos.  I could not see a way of immediately seeing his latest, but this one was at least from 2008.

Okay, back to school… that was my recess!  So yesterday I got my first call from the school nurse.  Yep, I never, EVER saw the school nurse!  Well, yesterday the phone rings… amazing that I even heard it because I was knitting with my ipod in my ears… that was because my speakers are no longer working, so only way to listen is through my earphones.  So, by the time I untangled myself from my knitting AND ipod, I missed the call, but luckily had caller ID (only recently) and just saw “The City of Elizabeth” in there.  Thinking it might be the school, I called back that number and it was, indeed, the school.  As I was listening to the school’s general menu and trying to figure out which button to push, a call came in on my recently acquired call waiting, and sure enough it was the nurse.  She just called to tell me that LD decided to use his cot as a trampoline during nap time, fell and hit his head on the bookcase… but he’s okay and stopped crying…. whew… talk about a climax!  All my nerve endings exploded.  At first I was wondering why she called me, so inexperienced that I am, if he was okay.  Did she want me to pick him up?  So I asked, and she said, no… that it was okay he stopped crying and that they have to call to let me know what happened.  He did have a little, tiny bump on his head, with a hint of a red line across his forehead.

Yeah, he was okay and as a matter of fact, for the first time he seemed eager to get to school today… wow.  AND for the first time ever, when I asked him this morning if he wanted to sit on the potty, he said okay… BIG WOW.  He did not make anything, but he was actually okay with sitting there and I actually had to make him get up to get dressed for school… we might be making progress here.  The teacher asked me to bring in his underwear because she was going to get him on the toilet today… yeah, that school has TINY toilets and tiny sinks, very low, even the public ones… so cute!  Yes, LD is still not potty trained.  All summer he was adamantly against it, with an emphatic NO every time I asked.  I had even gotten to the point where I was forcing him to just sit, but I knew that wasn’t the way to go because it seemed so unproductive.  I was not getting anywhere, and used all the tricks.  He just unravelled them all, even to the point of gaining access to the bowl with the little wrapped toys meant for after he sits on the potty, and unwrapped them all.  Sigh… Everyone has their own way of doing this and I seem to just be floundering… so now, I’m hoping the teacher will take over… really, I hate to say that, but I feel totally powerless over this issue and I’m ready to pass the buck to anyone who will  take it…in this case, his teacher.  In my pitifully weak defense, I did tell the people at the school when I registered him that he was not potty trained yet, thinking that they would say that I could not register him… but still, I didn’t want to drop this bomb on them… well, as it turns out, everyone dropped their little bombs on the school, and it’s kind of expected.  They (and my pediatrician) are saying that three years old is too soon for the kids to start potty training.  Well, LD is really about three and a half, turning four in March.  At least now, I’m getting him on the toilet right after breakfast and when we get home from school.  Daddy has been doing his part, too, by taking in the bathroom; but still not letting LD into the bathroom when HE has to sit down…. you know what I mean.

It’s been amazing to be bringing Little Drake to school and in the role of parent.  I don’t have that fear or worry about doing well in school… I know that, at his age, LD doesn’t have that worry either, but I’m sure that he’s working at getting used to being around and interacting with other children; and that alone, is worth him going to school so early.  He really needs that.  Oh, did I mention that on the very first day they put two of his scribble drawings on the wall in the vestibule when you first come into the school.  I was drawn to the purple color, then saw that his name was on them with the day.  One had the date and his name and the caption, “Mommy and Daddy”…. I just knew that was my guy.  When we got inside, the assistant told us that he had two pictures on the wall outside and I was validated!  LD was working on an orange one and I knew that i wanted it for our fridge.  When we left, we brought him over to his pictures on the wall, and I could see his face light up with recognition!  So amazing… then he tried to put his orange one up underneathth the purple ones…. ha… thought that was cute, but I asked him if I could have it to bring home… ah… a mommie’s sigh.

Well, I’ve gotta get going…. I’ll try to update more often, especially with how this potty thing is going… I’m dying to know what is happening with the underwear.  I only have two for the kid right now and I’ll probably need to wash them every single night…. but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

First purple pics displayed in school in the first day!
First purple pics displayed in school in the first day!