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This was last year———————->

Full circle 2008: Okay, let’s give a little background info. Last Christmas, I thought it would be so cool to watch my favorite Christmas shows with Little Drake. Image

My all time fav is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. My hopes of bonding with LD were dashed by the Abominable Bumble Snow Monster. He got so scared that he started crying… I mean, running out of the room crying. Oh man… then I thought that maybe if I kept playing it, that he would get used to that part when he realized that at the end, the Bumble lost his teeth and was transformed into a “good” Bumble, who excelled at putting stars on trees. I gave up when we were in Target one day and I spied an outside figure of Rudolph. I made a B-line towards it and drew LD’s attention to it. I was startled when he started crying. I looked, and sitting right next to it, was another figure of… you got it… the Bumble.The Bumble Snow Monster

Fast forward to July 2008. From out of the blue, LD asked to watch Rudolph. Wow. So, he apparently got over his fear of the Bumble. Then he really got into Elmo Saves Christmas, which manifested with a request to put up Christmas decorations… in July? Nope. I informed him that we had just a few more holidays to go before Christmas. He proceeded to make a plan to go down into the basement, get the boxes that had the stockings in them. Needless to say, it was a bit tricky getting his mind off of those decorations. I did what any good mom would do. I sat him in front of Elmo Saves Christmas almost every day. Thank goodness for September. That was when LD started preschool! Image

Labor Day….. Halloween…. Thanksgiving…… Jackpot! All week, I primed Little D., telling him that the day after Thanksgiving, and visiting Aunt Lisa’s house, that we’d go down to the basement and get the Christmas decorations. Okay, so The Drake usually gets them from the bowels of our house and I usually take over from there as he usually doesn’t even notice what is going on around him until I ask him to look around. Left unsaid is the part that he really is not into the specialness of decorating or anything. I think he is trying this year because he actually put the tree together this morning. As it turns out, I had burned my hand the other day and yesterday while I was changing the sheets on my bed, I scraped the skin off the blister… WAY too soon as it was still skin and vital to protecting the burned area. I put some cream on it and bandaged it up and basically went around the house with my hand up for the rest of the day. No way I was going to be able to assemble an artificial tree with long spiky things sticking out of it…. soooo the Drake stepped up to the plate this morning. I let LD hand the jingle bell wreath on the front door to our apartment, and he was really happy with that. So now, after babysitting, we’ll have a nice time decorating… hopefully this burn will harden up soon as I am definitely the one who strings the lights on the tree before decorations… yeah, this year LD will be helping with those, too.

With Christmas coming up, I am constantly worrying about money, or the lack of it around here. I am definitely the selfish one, not wanting to go back to work; but I’ll save the details of that issue for another entry. Still, I’m confident that we can make a nice Christmas morning for Little Drake. Won’t be a ton of stuff from Santa, but I’m grateful that he won’t grow up with a lot of possessions. Partly because he will never know what it’s like to have them in the first place and mostly because maybe this will instill in him gratitude for what he “does” have. And really, does he doesn’t need a ton of “stuff”. Ha… which makes me think of my own obsession with electronic gadgets, especially the VX6800 smart phone…. something I’ll probably never get as even with all possible discounts will probably run me around $300…. not the norm for me. Usually, I am getting my phones for free with Verizon’s “New Every Two”. Then I am wondering at how all these people around here are getting top of the line phones when they can’t put food on their tables without food stamps… ha… another post.

ImageThis is “my” One Ring, the elusive VX6800. Yes, what the Ancient One Ring was to Frodo Baggins, this little baby is to me… sigh… my dream of materialistic dreams. It seems to have everything! It’s actually more expensive than the next model, the VX6900… which is the white one. Image I had my chance a couple of years ago to get a smart phone. Big Drake was ready to spring for the iphone… yes, the iPHONE! He was the one to offer it to me, but I turned it down. Mentally, I could not justify the expense. I was a relatively new mom, just living for naptimes. Almost as soon as I turned it down and got another phone, my schedule started to get busier and busier… and now I really, really need a good scheduler. I’ve been forgetting about appointments and I just can’t stomach the calendar feature on my phone… which is on all the Verizon phones. Then the LG Dare came out and oh boy what a phone, but that’s the problem and the biggest question in my mind. WHY did they make it just a phone? It’s got the same junkie tools as a regular phone (because that is just what it is), yet it has a touch screen and the most unique feature yet. Panoramic pictures! Oh, so cool! Alas, I’ll never pay for it because it’s really just another junkie Verizon phone. If the actual telephone part of Verizon’s services was of lesser quality, I’d be outta here like nobody’s business. But a cell phone is a telephone first, so I stay. Still, the allure of the VX6800 gives me a headache. So, just in case, I ordered Day Timer scheduler pages… my back up!

My phone is eligible for upgrade in January, so the question remains. If I can’t get my VX6800, maybe the ipod Touch can satisfy my scheduling and big screen needs. I don’t know… I’m wracking my brain in a futile effort because I can never afford any of what I’m discussing right now. The best I can do is figure out which FREE phone would be best for me when January gets here. The problem with that is I really just need to wait for January because Verizon doesn’t display what the discount will be until January actually gets here… Still, I plot and plan… it’s in the blood.

Okay, back to the title of this post:  Christmas Decorating.  Well, I had to babysit today, so it had to be postponed till the evening.  Just about put the lights on, then LD had to hit the hay…. poor kid.  For two days he had to be put off… I hated that, but he’s pretty good.  He enjoyed seeing the lights go on.  Sooo, tomorrow is the day for his part with ornaments and his favorite part, the BEADS… he really loves beads.  When we go to the craft store, all he needs is beads and he’s good to go.