That’s right.  I’m officially a fugitive from the law in Elizabeth, NJ.

How can this be so?  What happened, you ask?  Well, I made the mistake of parking in a spot with a meter that was stuffed with pennies on Elizabeth Ave.  I honestly never thought it would be a wrong thing to do, given it’s so hard to find parking on the street in Elizabeth.  The traffic is so horrendous that when I saw this spot in front of me, I grabbed it, with quarter in hand, only to find out that the meter would not work because there were pennies in it, all the way through.  I could tell that because there are windows on the front, showing it.  I honestly did not want to move my car, but really didn’t think it was wrong to stay there.

So, after shopping in the Salvation Army, I crossed the street to my car and was going to leave, but noticed a Hispanic store I never went into because I’d always be driving by it…. so decided to go in to check it out.  I quickly walked around the place and decided to pick up some special sugar.  There was only one person in the store, so it did not take me long to get out… only to find the meter maid getting back into her vehicle after leaving me a little present.  I ran after her, yelling and she finally stopped so that I could ask her why she gave me a ticket.  I told her that I could not put money in the meter because of the pennies being stuck in there.  Well, she would not get out of her scooter and told me that I’d have to fight it in court.   If she would have just gotten out of her scooter to see, but NO!   The only thing I could do was go back and take pictures with my cell phone, an LG Chocolate… which really does not take the greatest pictures, but I took two.

So now, I go to pick up my son from school and had the idea to protest the ticket.  While in the car, safely parked at the school, I called.  I was told that the ticket was not on file and that I should wait a week and call on Friday.    So I waited…. Called again on Friday and it still was not on file.  Called again on Monday and it still was not on file… so now I get the idea to ask  who I should talk to, to report a broken meter.  I get on the line with the Director of Traffic Control… ooh, not sure if that is her department… but the place you actually interact with when you get a parking ticket.  She asked me why I waited so long to report a broken meter; and she actually asked my why I still parked in a spot with a broken meter…. DUH…. maybe because there were no other spots?  Well to be truthful, I was in a rush and didn’t realize (though I should have) that there was a public parking lot right there…. will be the thorn in my side forever.  Maybe it’s just that when you get a break like that, you want to take it and revel in the fact that you caught a break…. I mean, I DID have the quarter right in my hand, ready to pay!  Ugh!  Okay, so she tells me that she will issue someone out right away to check it out; and that I should wait for a letter in the mail.  She also told me that I should bring in the ticket so that they could make a copy for their records.  I did that on the next day… it was pretty quick as I do try to be a good citizen of this city.

Okay, so after waiting, I received a notice that there was nothing wrong with the meter… those dolts!   I have pictures~well to make a long story short, I was to report to court, but got the dates mixed up.  I had received multiple notices about different aspects of this ticket and I thought my court appearance was Dec. 17th, but it was really Dec. 8th.  Yeah, that was totally my error.  So, I figured that I just had to pay the ticket, in the amount of $24.00…. what was I thinking?  Next thing I know, I get this notice in the mail that there is a warrant out for my arrest!  This was Saturday…. I’ve been trying to call them all morning to say that I’d like to come to give myself up, but I don’t have the cash to pay my BAIL of $40.00.  I want to see if they take credit cards…. I don’t have my own job, so I have to wait to get it from DH which will probably mean Thursday – Friday…. I don’t want to walk into that police station just to have them lock me up until I can put up the BAIL… This has snowballed into a big mess.  Update:  As of 10.36am, I’ve called that court five times and get their “we’re really interested in your call, but please call back at a later time…” HEY…. I have to pick up my three year old from school later!  The last thing I need is for him to be left at school while his mom sits in jail… because it’s so damn hard for her to reach the hubby at work, and who knows when/if  he’ll even get the message!!!!!

So on top of this, I am organizing our Rosary Society’s Christmas party… but pretty well disappointed that my knitting circle’s party is on the same night (tomorrow).  I’ll miss them so much… yet I feel pretty much like the throw away part of a TV dinner.  To add salt to the injury, circumstances dictated that, at the last minute, I could not attend another crochet meeting/party.  The night before, DH unceremoniously informed me that he had to work on that day…. gah!!!!  Two perfect examples when they say that “life will go on”… and a merry time will be had by all…. but just without me.  I’m at the point where I don’t even want to hear the details of the goings on of any of these parties because I don’t want to bust out crying… I’m just too DAMN emotional!  I wanted to send them a lump of coal as a gag gift for their gift exchange but couldn’t because I don’t have the cash.  I should be grateful that God is fixing it so that my meaness won’t affect anyone other than me.   I attempted to rationalize it all by believing that God is just fixing it so I’m not put into the position of shelling out money that I don’t have for the gift exchange which is to be $15.00 (and $5.00 for the first party)…. yet, as president of the Rosary Society, and organizing this party, I’ll be “donating” table clothes and coffee stuff, which will definitely go over that $20.00….. so what gives, God ?   Just wish I knew.