No, not really!  I just wanted to take the time to write a little update on one of my recent posts, “I’m on the Lam”.    First part:

Well, today I’m officially a woman who is basking in the sweet sunshine of freedom….. this week I paid my bail of $40.00.  The Drake came in with some overtime and gave me a bunch of money, with part of it to go to pay the man.  I was still a little annoyed that day and thought that I would file a complaint about the meter-maid who would not come over to the meter to check out my claim of it being disabled.  I was there early, which btw, they only give a window of 1/2 hour, 9:00am-9:30am for people to come in if they just want to pay the bail.  You have to make an appointment for them to see you if you want to make another court date.  At the last minute when I got to the window, I felt a calm… but I still wanted to complain, just this time, formally.  Oddly, I didn’t feel any animosity towards the clerk who was reading a book well after 9am.  She asked me if I wanted another court date and I said no, just want to pay the bail because I felt that I would go in there predisposed for a failure since I had already missed a court date.  In that case, I might have to pay more, and well, $40.00, while pretty cheap as things go, is still a liability for us.  She gave me a form to sign that basically said that I waive my right to a court appearance…. AND admission of guilt.  That really got me.  I told her that I wanted to lodge a complaint against the meter-maid, but was told that signing the form was an admission of guilt… duh!   So, I had to just let that one go…. but growled all through the signing of my name.

So, there you have it.  I left there with my freedom…… and a receipt.

Number Two.  The famous CLASH OF THE CHRISTMAS PARTIES.   Okay, so I missed two fun parties this year and there might still be a faint twinge lurking inside… but that’s okay.   On Tuesday I got up ready to be into the Rosarian party and I was.  A little suspense for the day included that I could not get into the parish hall to set up everything the day before because the custodian was in the hospital with an ear infection.  Sound familiar?   Because I could not get into our closet to check out our supplies, I had to go and buy coffee and table cloths.  As it turned out, we had plenty.  To be honest, I never saw them there before and so, I come up short on the necessity of knowing my inventory.  I had seen one or two, but didn’t know if we had for all six round tables and other tables for the sides… so I guess I donated them.  So, Tuesday morning, the day of the event, I could not even get into the parish hall at the time the receptionist said that I could get in there.  Finally got in a good 2.5 hours after… wasted time… The good side is that I had plenty of help and took the prerogative of leaving early (presidents can do that) so that I could cook a big thing of sausage and peppers before having to pick up Gabe at school at three, then come home and get ready, myself.  Please understand, as an Italian, I never made this dish… or not in recent memory.  I remember that my mom used to boil the links of sweet sausage first, then brown them after all the water evaporated.  That took a long time, so I am thinking I’ve got plenty of hours by the stove for 4 pounds of the stuff!  Well, a lightning bolt hit me and I got the idea to cut up the links, raw, then saute/brown them in a deep stock pot I have (to keep the splatters inside).  While I value that doing it this way knocked off a lot of time, cutting up raw meat in an intestinal casing was not fun… lots of ground up meat being forced out of the casings and I ended up making little meat balls of the stuff that totally came out…. but not bad.  Everyone loved it and I got to take about one fourth of what I made home… not bad.  Lots of great recipes that night.  Got a break on clean up, too. We ended later than scheduled and the pastor was practically chasing us out.  I did have to hand over my key to the closet to the former president… but that’s not a problem.

Oh, what was a problem is the fact that I did feel like a puppet that night.  I am slowly getting the feeling that I’m just another figure head for this organization.  That’s not a good feeling… though strangely, I don’t mind it.  I guess I’m not really a leader.  I’m more of a team player and more likes to be told what to do, than me telling others what to do.  Maybe that will change as I get more familiar and comfortable in this role, but for now, I’m good.  Well, twice that night the former president told me to do some things that had no purpose and probably showed me to be just a puppet.  That’s what I don’t like.  First, she wanted me to just follow two other people who were selling tickets, a mother and son team (in everything) and all I was doing was following them around.  I was not told even for what purpose.  Then, when they handed out the bonus checks to the pastor and office staff, I was told to stand there and I did, while the treasurer handed out the checks with little comments.  I felt like a jerk.  Sigh… oh well, at least I don’t have to worry about this group again until March.

Oh, forgot that soon I’ll be visiting three of our housebound members to gift them with shawls and cards that were signed by everyone.  See, this is the part that I like and excel in.