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My Review of Bootcut Jegging by denim 24/7®

Originally submitted at Roamans

The perfect cross between jeans and leggings! Classic fit with zip front, belt loops. Inseam abt. 30″.

  • Cotton/spandex.
  • Machine wash.
  • Imported.
  • Sizes: 12W-32W.

No-Frills Review

By Dragonmommie from Elizabeth, NJ on 8/31/2010
3out of 5

Waist: Feels true to size

Inseam: Feels true to length

Pros: Flattering, Great Color, Comfortable, Great Fit, Attractive Design

Cons: Not sure wear over time

Best Uses: Casual Wear, Going Out, Travel

Describe Yourself: Casual, Bargain Shopper, Sexy, Eclectic

These fit really well for the size I chose, but since the material is stretch jeans, not sure if it will stretch out over time. The fit seems true, but just a little loose… but wear over time will tell. My over all thought is that I should have bought a smaller size down, but that’s my preference.

The above is the official review.  Now to express my particular joy at finding a good deal I simply MUST say these were on clearance~!  Ahhhh, I love shopping at the end of the season…  One downside is that I ordered average length and I’m definitely a petite.  It’s my habit to order length too long, but these are really long and I’ll have to hem them before wearing… definitely.

Sunday Mommie Thoughts

Dear Little Drake…

I promised that you could make pancakes.  That was yesterday and we couldn’t because the eggs had expired.  I don’t like to take chances with documented expired eggs, so daddy saved the day by taking us out for breakfast.  (Thanks, Daddy).  This bright Sunday morning you were up probably around 6:30am.  Only Dad knows what time because I was sound asleep.  Vaguely, I heard something about oatmeal which pulled me closer to the realm of the consciously living.  Only a little bit.  Then I felt a nudge shove that opened my eyes.  “Mommie I want oatmeal.”  I heard oatmeal, but my mind is screaming pancakes, what about the pancakes?  I heard the Drake echo that request.

“He wants you to make oatmeal.”  Why?  My body is not working.  I could tell that you were agitated and knew right away that you were disappointed about the pancakes.  I’m thinking “why?  I’m not even up yet.”  I know.   You assessed the situation.  Mommie’s still sleeping.  Only mommie cooks.  Mommie PROMISED.  I was endowed with superhuman strength, even if only for a minute, it was enough.  I jumped out of bed and there you were, in the fridge looking for something.  “Gabe, don’t you want to make pancakes?  Daddy bought the eggs yesterday.”  You immediately took that ball and ran.  “I need a bowl.  I need the flour.  I need eggs…”  You rattled off implements of pancake creation and I provided everything like the assistant I was.  I marveled at how you took charge and I delighted in letting you run with it… up until the oil needed to be measured… well, we compromised.  You cracked the eggs, but gratefully turned them over to me to help open them…. I know you hate to get your hands mussed up… hee hee.   You held the measuring spoon while I poured the oil.  All of that worked out.  Above all you love to use the whisk, and you did.  Wow, you let me pour the batter, thanks, bud!  You announced that you need the spatula, mommie, the spatula!  You flipped those cakes like a pro and I was so proud of you, remembering how to do them (it’s been a while).   I’m always so proud of you.  BTW, those pancakes were delish!

You surprise me every day.  Recently, you’ve also been scaring me to high heaven and frustrating me even more.  Yesterday despite all my warnings and precautions (or so I thought); you know, when I told you not to peel the paint off the railing on the back porch, you acquired quite the wedge of an old, thick paint chip underneath your fingernail, causing blood.  You came inside already red-faced and crying and for me to help you.  Sigh.  All I could think about was that this was foreseeable, should’ve been avoidable, and that I did everything I could short of wrapping you in plastic wrap.  Yet, there you stood with old paint sticking out of your fingernail.  I just had to say “I told you so”, yeah I’m so bad.  I can’t think of any other way to drive home my point.  As I led you to the bathroom screaming that you don’t want “that stuff” on it, my heart was breaking.  At this point, I’m not good at being the soothing mommie that you know during these times.  While daddy held your hand, you were pressing on your injured finger and I tried to support it so that you didn’t cause more pain to yourself.  You tensed up your whole body and screamed bloody murder while I poured the hydrogen peroxide over your nail.  It stung, I know that, though I said it wouldn’t hurt.  I was thinking about infection and old paint.  Finally, finally, after trying to talk to you soothingly without an out and out guffaw (daddy was snickering at my difficulty), you got your band-aid, Spiderman, that is.  Will you do that again, Gabe?  “No.”

Then this morning while you waited for me to finish making the pancakes, you made yours then decided that your parents did not need any, you fell off the kitchen chair backwards, in slow motion because I helplessly saw the whole thing.  I had just turned around and was about to tell you to sit down correctly in the chair, when from a kneeling position I saw you suddenly go backwards, lose your grip and fly back and down, whacking the back of your head with a loud thud.  I was thinking “oh my poor baby” while my mouth spat, “this is what happens when you don’t sit down properly in the chair!” That mouth again.  This time, however, I was more the soothing mommie than yesterday.  I just had to have my say.  Not more than two minutes later, you were getting into your chair, and lost your grip, again. I was flabbergasted that should happen again. This time, however, I was right there to hold you up…. whew!

Well, Dr. Oxman said there’ll be days like this.

God Works

Well I’ve had an interesting two days this week.  I had made the excruciating decision to redeem a CD that my father had given me years ago.  His intention was for me to keep it as a nest egg, hopefully for my retirement.

Let’s give a little background.  When our son came into our lives, I had tried to stay at my then employer, who shall remain nameless.  You know who you are.  The Drake had taken FMLA and I had spoken to my employer to see if I could work part time.  The lab location was open until late and they had seemed receptive to the idea and my supervisor was going to see what she could do.  It was a very busy place, always bustling with work.  I was a typist and there were always tons of reports to type up.  Well, they kept me working for the three months that hubby was home, and the very last day before he went back to his own job, they told me it couldn’t be done.  To be honest, I felt they took advantage of me…  Water under the bridge now.  I stayed home with Little Drake full time and I loved it.  I never made any bones about the fact that I love to be home and not beholden to any employer, most of which do not value their employees beyond their own profitable interests.  When I worked, I was an honest and steadfastly loyal employee who was industrious and cared a LOT about the quality of my work.  Seriously, I could be left alone in the place and be relied upon to do my work and not drift off into personal stuff.  I was trusted and I felt very comfortable being a company person, looking out for their interests when considering my own.  I liked it that way…..  Times have changed.

So, it was for three years.  I had gotten a part time cashier job at a major food store, but hubby’s work schedule was totally erratic.  His boss would make him work overtime without any notice and meantime, I was on a work schedule, too.  His salary was way greater than mine, so his job was our priority.  I really didn’t mind that, but the old loyalty card was rearing it’s head.  I became uncomfortable calling out of my shift, AND I thought it was wrong, so eventually, I gave notice.  When Little Drake started preschool, I looked for a job, mainly at the poking and prodding of hubby.  It’s his belief that I need a job to be happy with myself.  I love him dearly, but he has no clue.  I did have more free time and I started looking, but it was half-heartedly.  Ironically enough though, after two years of looking, with no prospects and a failing financial system, I recognize that I really need to get back to work.  (queue parting of the clouds and angels singing ‘Hallelujah’)  Circumstances dictate it.  My beloved drake has been out of work for over a year and became a full time student in order to complete his degree and start teaching math to high schoolers.  Ambitious, yes?  We had been doing fine, but now resources are dwindling.  The unemployment is not reliable either, with weeks when he’s told by the automatic machine clerk that he will not get a check, BUT will receive a credit.  Oh yeah… um the rent is due every month, in cash, not credits… sigh.   So, in order to keep his pension in tact, I decided to redeem this one and only nest egg that I have to do my part and help out the family.  My intention is to pay off my credit card, not a real big problem but hubby cannot make these payments for me any longer.  I will also rectify an ongoing situation of my cell phone being on hold… but still receiving bills.  Yeah, I’m reALLY looking forward to that call.  I digress.  My intention was also that we will have a very nice cushion that will secure our rent should all else fail.  I should mention that hubby has exhausted avenues available to him.

Did I mention that this was a really difficult decision for me to make?  Yeah.  Well, I made it with the condition that I would not tell my father what I did.  Yeah.  I’m a terrible liar, but I’m great at just not mentioning things like bank visits before visiting him at his house.  The bank is close by his house in PA, so I thought it would be a good time for a visit, too, mostly because he was alone this week, too.  Everything was working perfectly.  We left early, got to the bank, redeemed CD.  My bank was conveniently right up the street, went there and deposited money.  Now on to my dad’s house.  eeeek!  Am I going the right way on 209?  Should it be 209 North or 209 South???  Oh, cripes, had to call my dad for directions:

Me: “Hi Dad, if I take 209 to your house, which way do I have to go, north or south?”

Dad:  “Where are you?”

Me:  “Um… in Strausburg.”

Dad:  “Strausburg?”

Me:  “Yeah.”

(a little silence)

Dad:  “If you’re in Strausburg, you need to go north.”

Me:  “Thanks, Dad… see you in a little while.”……. click.

I thought I handled that pretty well.  We get to my dad’s house and he didn’t ask anything.  r-e-l-a-x.  Okay, so we settle down and I go to take out my knitting project, the Clapotis in Madil Yarn’s Eden Print 100% bamboo, and it was nowhere to be found.  p-a-n-i-c.  Instantly, I knew I left it at the bank.  I had only one bag with me….have to get back there…. sigh.  So, I asked my dad if he wanted to come for a ride.  I figure this would be a good time to tell him.  We drove all the way there and I still had not opened the subject.  I meant to.  So, we get there, I get my project, and we head back to home, but make a stop at Food Town.  Dad did some shopping, now heading back to the house, another 40 minute drive or so.  He’s talking, I’m balking.  Finally HE brings it up and asks if the reason I was at the bank was to redeem the CD.  I said, “yeeeeeaaaaah”, with lingering resignation.  He was understanding.  Immediately launched into reciting my very planned out plans on how I was handling the money, ending with the promise that when I find a job, whatever was still in my bank account was going to be put into “something” and  I was going to be responsible about it.  I detailed everything that hubby had already done on his end to secure funds….and seriously, I feel as if I contributed nothing on my end… Well, that’s not true.  I did cash in my gold and silver jewelry for money.  I did not regret that, but I do miss one gold chain that I used for almost every pendant I had.  Now I use my silver box chain for everything, gold, silver, whatever.

So, we get back home today to a message from the college that the Drake’s classes will be forfeited if he doesn’t pay in full by (today).  Remember that unemployment check?  Well, after not coming, then being promised, we waited and received it only a day or so ago and it still has not cleared.   Guess what my first spenditure was.  Yep, for school the Drake’s butt got saved.  I am not even going to say how much it was, but my sense of security was immediately broken not even five minutes after our arrival back home.  I definitely am one of those people who literally repel money.  We went to the school and I gave them a large chunk of my nest egg.  The Drake is definitely worth it, but it scared me.  I’m very glad to say, however, that I’d do it again…. and it would still scare me.

There’s more to the story as evidenced by the “God’s Eye” and the title of this post.  God is constantly working in and through our lives.  There, behind my own eye, is the constant, pesky at times, thought that God will provide and make everything alright.  Maybe not as “alright” as I would personally have it, but I just know that we will get through this and that we are not alone in this.  We will emerge with scars etched into our skins and forever into our souls.  We will use this experience.  We will make it a positive.  We will gain more compassion when dealing with our fellow human beings, and yes, even when dealing with credit card company employees trying to do their job by calling past due accounts at all hours of the day… (they DO have jobs, though, you know).  I’ve got to say that when I finally spoke with them (yes, I was screening my calls for about a month), I had a good experience.  The Indian gentleman I spoke to was compassionate and I do very much appreciate that.  Of course he wanted a commitment and a check no. and when I’d be able to make a payment, but understood (well, he really had to) when I laughed and reminded him that I had no money.

More importantly, I will remember.  I will remember this experience when confronted with the anger, resentment and frustration of people who can’t seem to get a break.  I have a neighbor who, it seems, walks around with a lot of anger and prejudice.  I don’t like interacting with that woman and avoid it at all costs.  Well honestly, I viewed myself (albeit briefly) as someone who had worked for her whole life, was a good girl, paid her taxes, and now in need of assistance.  Friends, believe me when I say, I am looking for all sorts of assistance.  It’s survival for us.  At times, I too, wake up feeling angry, resentment and frustration.  What makes the difference for me is that my feelings of insecurity, my anger, my frustration all subside when I am reminded that God is looking out for us; and believe me, he takes the opportunity to let me know.  He is here and available for me, no matter what time of day.  We are blessed.

Lord, I pray that those who are jobless take heart, and find the courage to persevere during these hard economic times, by strengthening their relationshiop with God through prayer and service to others.  Amen.

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Thank you for your understanding.

What is H.O.T.

FORGET about what’s “hot”. If you can look at your partner and feel drawn to them, no matter what the circumstances or wherever you are, OR how ridiculous they look at the time, then THAT’S love… I don’t NEED to see hot… I HAVE love…. and ladies there is nothing more sexy than seeing Ed interacting with our son…. Just a thought taking me over, there… carry on.

I wrote this on my facebook wall (complete with excessive dots which is my trademark) and got virtually no comments.  I am wondering why.  So, I am asking for opinions/comments from anyone.  Do you agree?  disagree?

So, let me go back a bit.  I am prone to spontaneous urges to document my thoughts, feelings and urges… as I’m sure we all are.  Last week I had one such feeling, desire, urge, whatever you want to call it, at the most inopportune time you can imagine – while attending a Day of Reflection for the ministers at our church.  It’s not that I wasn’t paying attention, because I was; but there came a point when I looked over at my hubby and was overcome with emotions.  There was a deep love, there was respect, there was affection…. and yes, there was frisky.  I thank God for him in my life and the family we have created.

Fast forward just a little bit, and I am reminded by the young people in my life how much they admire and are attracted to whatever they consider “hot”.  I thought to myself, well, the first thing I thought was how young they are and how much of their lives must pass away before they realize that “hot” usually brings with it disappointment, betrayal (maybe) and too much expectation.

Why are people attracted to “hot”?  Well, I’m not going to insert here what I think.  I really want to know what YOU think.  All I will say of both my Drake and myself is that we are definitely not main stream hotties, though my Drake is a sizzling hot in my eyes.  I wrote this post because I see too much out there of people prejudging others on their looks and while there is nothing wrong is sowing wild oats, too often we get hurt or we get into trouble…. real trouble.


A New Day

Well, I’m still wallowing in the murky depths of writer’s block.  I love my blog and I do love writing, but when I get to sitting in front of my computer, there’s a complete wall that goes up… the tallest one I’ve ever encountered.

Anyway, while swimming around here the other day, I came across a great post called, How Your Audience Is Like The Mogwai” I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and got some great tips for successful blogging.  Here are some ideas I liked:

  1. Carry a journal, a little notebook for jotting down ideas, phrases, whatever for blog posts:  I need for this NOT to be electronic.  Too much of a learning curve for me; and has happened in the past, hasn’t worked out (to put it kindly).
  2. Create a blogging schedule:  Decide what is “realistically” achievable.  I think I’m going to aim for twice a week, but realize that once a week might be what I’m only capable of for right now.
  3. Timing publication of posts wisely:  I’ve never thought about this, but I will.  I am a late-night writer and as soon as I’m done, I publish.  Well, maybe I’ll need to hold off until the next day.  I live on the east coast of the United States.  Don’t know where this will fit in, but I’ll have to give it good thought.
  4. Using Facebook and twitter to advertise published posts:  Well, I never really liked this idea, but heck, I’m not doing anything else that’s positive with these accounts (except of course for playing Bejeweled Blitz).
  5. Use Pictures:  I don’t remember this from Joey’s blog, but I love using pics in my articles.  I like to use at least one each time.

Okay, so that should be enough for today.

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