This is how I feel, totally exhausted.

My body is craving bedtime right about now.  Not mine, my six year old’s bedtime.  As soon as he’s into bed, it’s a balm to my being.  This just about sums it up for me right about now.  However the day was the best.  Spent it with my little man who is still calling me by name every two seconds though I’m standing right there, in front of him.  Sometimes he even forgets what he wants to say because he caught in a loop.

Anyway, last week he was all over me, wanting to get a pumpkin.  Today the day was perfect for browsing pumpkins… what can I say.  It totally threw him off, though.  (This is something I’ve got to learn NOT to do)  Last week I told him that it was too early to get a pumpkin and that we needed to wait.  Today, the weather combined with the higher prices of pumpkins this year, I was afraid that if we waited longer, I wouldn’t be able to afford one…. sniff.  So the kid made a million and one excuses as to why we shouldn’t go.

I love going to farms and nurseries, browsing for plants, flowers, produce.  I could just hang for at least an hour.  As luck would have it, however, my son made a bee line for the pumpkins and immediately pointed out that they were a “maze”.  He’s hooked on that word lately.  I guess because it’s more of a Harvest Time word and the most appropriate now.  Yesterday he made it a point to show me he could spell it.  Wow?  You learned that in school?  He didn’t answer that question, though he proceeded to tell me all the words that rhyme with “maze”.  I was tickled because I was so tempted to ask him if he meant “maize” or “maze”…. but I didn’t want to spoil the moment.

I’m so proud of my little bugger.  He’s in 1st grade and at parent night, I was informed by his teacher that the kids will be expected to be writing paragraphs by the end of the year.  Oh boy.  I guess I had my mission papers handed to me.  Should be interesting since my boy rarely stays focused on one thing beyond the first sentence.  Still, he amazes me every day.

Getting back to our pumpkins… He picked out one and I picked out one.  Two small ones, but I’m hoping that later on in the month I’ll be able to get another.  One that can be seen by, well, the people across the street.  Will be difficult because I can’t see myself paying more than $6-7.00 for one and that’s pushing it.  Seems to me that they’re charging around a $1.00 per inch in diameter, so pretty sure I won’t be able to score one in the $2-3.00 range.  Now our two smallish pumpkins are waiting to be transformed into Jack-O-Lanterns…..

Our Jack-O-Lantern from last year, well, not really. We used one of those kits for kids.

I’m wondering how many words this post-a-day challenge should be.