I’m thinking the only way to avoid going off into tangent after tangent is to write a post about tangents… or do I actually have to travel that tangent path for it to be legit.

OK… I want everyone to know that I’m on the east coast and have only 28 minutes until midnight to get this post published to satisfy the post-a-day challenge.  I had a great idea this afternoon, but had to abandon it to pick up my son from school.  After that, well, there was homework, dinner, snuggles, then his regular bedtime.  Today was out of the norm because it actually got cold here after dinner and I, myself, needed the warmth of my blanket, so we both fell asleep.  I woke up about half an hour later, grabbed his blankets from the closet and easily managed to get him out of one bed and into his own bed.  He loves to “camp out” either on the floor in a sleeping bag or his parents bed (though that hasn’t happened in over a year).

We all shared a family bed for a few years after he out grew his crib.  I forgot exactly why he needed to sleep with us, but my hubby and I seriously did not mind him being there.  I actually loved having him with us and God bless my husband for actually liking it, too; but when he grew big enough to start kicking US out of his way, we knew that he had to go.  It took a while, but he’s successfully in his bed now.  Oh, I do let him in our bed when he’s sick during the day.  I remember as a kid, myself, looking to take over my parent’s bed at the first sign of a temperature.

So, wow, two decent paragraphs at 11:53pm.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a decent, well thought out post.  Oh, I just realized that this whole post is sort of a tangent because I have changed the title two times and it still doesn’t adequately describe what I’m writing about.

So, back to my question.  Is it a tangent if the subject of the post is a tangent, AND I stay on track?