Last night I tuned in to Oprah’s Lifeclass for the first time.  I went all out and had the TV on as well as the web which I was glad that I did because the talking continued during commercial breaks and also after the TV version ended.  All in all, it was pretty good and definitely a godsend with all the crap they put on TV these days.  Definitely worth the time watching.

So if I got one thing out of last night’s show was the suggestion of writing a Gratitude Journal… and I’m going to.  The point is to write 5 things that you’re grateful for each day.  I’m a bit late today because I was out all day, but maybe that’s the best way to do this so that I can have the opportunity to think back on the day and remember again what I’m grateful for.  Please note that this  list is not necessarily in order of importance.  Whatever is relative to my life IS important to me, so here goes:

I am so very grateful for my husband, Ed.  It’s the every day things.  The small, seemingly insignificant things that turn out to be anything but insignificant.  He way of being is so calming, in and of itself.  I just can’t get over where my life could have been if it weren’t for him.  He inspires me to be more than I am and that’s it in a nutshell.  Yes, I’m grateful for him every single day; and through him, we have the most beautiful and amazing boy.

By the way, our son is the second thing I am grateful for.  I wish I could show you on this one page how truly amazing he is.  He is definitely forming his sense of humor and have no idea where that will end up, but he’s like me in the way he laughs at his own senseless jokes, which really does make it funny, well to me.  His laugh, however, comes from his father… a guffaw-like chuckle.  I am grateful to the babe who teaches his mother about life every single day.  Who is supposed to be teaching who here?  lol… That question is up for debate because he is, well, amazing….


I’m so SO grateful for my Posse~!  A collection of wonderful, wonderful ladies who get together once a month to celebrate Friends, Fellowship and Food!  HA… Well, mainly we share our joy of the fiber arts through crochet, knitting, and charity projects.  These ladies are:  Linda, Eartha, Pauline, Dolores, Helen, Pat, Desirre, Jeannette, Susan, Laura, Jeri and myself.  No, I’m terrible because there are others who while are not present every month are missed.  There are newer people, too, who are always finding us; but I’m not so good with names and I apologize if I left anyone out.  Today was our special day and it could not be better.  Delicious food, wonderful friends who are always positive and uplifting to the spirit.  When we are together we laugh, laugh, laugh and we find it hard to pull ourselves away from each other.   It’s a virtual lovefest.  LOVE YOU GIRLS~!

I’m grateful for my faith.  Without that I would be a total mess right now. Having a loving and forgiving God to believe in makes living easier.  I know that I am never alone.  I can forgive myself because I know that God forgives me.  I just look around in my life and know to the core of my being that He exists and is taking care of me.  I believe that He has hand picked my mate and by extension, our son, our family…. Thank you, Lord… so, SO much~!

I’m grateful for where I’m living.  I must say that I complain a lot about the area I live in.  It’s a terrible urban area with lots of crime, but the block we live on is relatively reminiscent of a nice neighborhood.  It’s a dead end street, so no heavy traffic, well, if you don’t count frequent number of cars who don’t realize it and try to scream into our neighbor’s yard at the very end of the street.  Oh, forgot, keep it positive.  I’m grateful for our home.  We rent on the first floor and have a nice breezy porch.  We have large public rooms and it’s just right for us.  It’s our home and I love this space so much.  We have, or I should say “had” a garden until the landlord’s son pretty much took it over.  My first reaction was a bad one, but I’ve gotten over it.  Now that it’s the fall, we have to see what will be happening with it next spring.  I had a small spot that the landlord gave us and we planted lavender and rosemary bushes, basil, tomatoes, oregano, thyme, mint and whatever else I could fit in there.  I can’t begin to explain how it made me feel to just be able to walk out back and pick fresh herbs and veggies to use in my cooking.  It brought me closer to the earth.  I sure hope we can work this out and I’m optimistic about it and for that, I’m grateful.