Okay, so I had to take this excerpt out a post I’m working about gratitude.  My thoughts turned into a rant touching upon the employment situation that is going on right now in the United States, and totally off my top. So, instead of deleting my thoughts, which I’m incapable of doing, I post here for your reading pleasure and/or amusement:

When I was working I missed out on everything the day had to offer, from the luxury of sleeping later than 5:00am to just going for a leisurely walk and taking in the cool crisp air that marks the joys of autumn.  I hate the rushing around getting to and from a place of business, at which my time is not my own.  I value my time and if I am going to give it away, it needs to be to something I enjoy and believe in.  This is a tall order in the current landscape we call “Land of the Free”, “Land of Opportunity”, “Land of Milk and Honey”.  For the average person these phrases either do not apply or remain unobtainable and unrealistic.  I hardly can imagine the days gone by when people really just walked off the ship from Europe and wrote the classic rags to riches story.  Really.  Wow.  Yes, there are exceptions out there, but most of us are not the exception.  For one, I was born here and I think that’s more of a disadvantage than an advantage.  I have an old fashioned work ethic.  My father drilled it into me that once I worked for a company, I should be loyal, on time, and give 150% of myself to that company.  I’ve done this and still believe in this ideal, but it seems that times have changed.  It used to be that this was a two way street and that giving this much of yourself was justified because companies appreciated loyalty and good performance in their employees.  You felt safe because if you did this, you knew that your job was safe; unless of course, if you couldn’t perform your duties sufficiently.  Now, this is not so.  The more valuable you are, the more experience you have, the more expensive you are to keep and maintain. Experience, efficiency and loyalty have turned into liabilities. My brain hurts by just thinking about the truth of that. It used to be that if you were a long time employee somewhere, it said a lot about you and it was all good. Companies were impressed by that.  Doesn’t seem so any longer because companies are getting rid of their long-time, loyal employees in order to hire new blood at a cheaper rate.  That’s not even bringing up the out sourcing of our jobs to other countries.  This kills me and tells me something very sinister about where this country is going.

That is all.