But I just LOVE glitter lately~!

Deep purple nail polish on bottom, lighter blue on top. Mixed yellow and blue powdered glitter together into clear nail polish for overcoat. Nice, but need to experiment more with this.












This was a beautiful mani I gave myself for Lisa’s wedding.  A deep purple bottom with a lighter, pearlized blue on top, with a light coat of sparkily.  Then after a week, I mixed some powdered glitter into clear nail polish and sort of rubbed this on top (which is what you see above.)  It was not what I expected but I liked the effect… a matte finish.  I mixed yellow and blue and, of course it came out greenish-yellow.

I used shaper scissors to get the squiggly line. This opens up a bunch of possibilities.1
Trying to get the details. Dark pink and dark blue. Glitter ove











Not really liking this one I did tonight.  But I think that’s because I rushed through it.  What is amazing about this and provides a ton of possibilities, is that I cut the scotch tape with craft scissors that cut out fancy edges, called “Shapers”.   You can find them in any craft store and sometimes they come in sets.  These are just what I had on hand.  I think I’d like the effect more if I made the top shorter and if I did not use glitter for the overcoat.    Maybe it’s the color combination; or maybe I just need time to warm up to it…. who knows.  What I do know is that I want to experiment with this, too.  Unfortunately, this probably won’t stay on for very long because I’ve been putting dings into this mani all night… and well, now I’m typing with them.  We’ll see.

What I’d really like to do is get some nice decals and rhinestones.  Come to think of it, I can probably just sift through my costume jewelry/beading stash.  There’s bound to be stuff in there…. I need to hire Indiana Jones!

As always, The best part about this, as always, is that THESE ARE MY OWN NAILS….  Woo hoo~!

Okay, keeping it short tonight as I’m headed into bed.