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Floating on a Cloud

It’s hard to separate what posts belong here or at my other blogs. Dragonmommie’s World is my personal blog, so I figure everything can come here.

Colors of the Dragon

I don’t write a lot about spinning here at Colors of the Dragon, but I am today. I am motivated. Pulled out my spinning wheel today, cleaned and polished her up, figuring that I’d need to get on her good side before beginning. She is tempramental and seems like she just wants to be loved… and she is. I’ve tried to name her but I’m not good at that. I know that while I did name her last year, I’ve since forgotten, though her last momma named her Brun Hilda.. or something like that. I just think of her as “baby” and that’s what she’ll be in my mind as I’m not prone to talking to her unless I’m cursing, of course. She knows I love her.

I recently purchased the beautiful and luxuriously soft Frabjous Fibers, Vegan “Wool” and this was my first spin in months and months. It’s…

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What Can We Bring?

Yep still in Lorax mode... Hoping to pull it off this weekend.

A quickie post to note that even though last weekend was Little Drake’s birthday, THIS weekend will be the celebration.  He’s been asking about all his cousins prior to last weekend AND this week.  He’s so used to seeing his cousins for birthdays, for his birthday and it must be a little strange for him.  I get it.  Anyway, I should’ve gotten into the cleaning yesterday and today, but have not done a thing because of crampiness…. there, I’ve said it.  Tomorrow, is D-day, however and crankiness, fatigue, cramps-be-damned, I’ve got to clean (do I have to?)  Yes, dammit.  Oh, landlord working on the bathroom tiles sort of gave me a pass for staying out of there for two days, but again, tomorrow will be a different story.  Plus, I can never bring myself to clean for an event until almost right before people come.  Oh, I’ll declutter key clutter spots, put things away and stuff; but actually cleaning gets done last minute…. why is that?  Well, for starters, this place is a perpetual dust magnet.  I used to think that it’s like that because we live in the city, but all winter our windows are closed.  I’ve asked the landlord to check the boiler, thinking that maybe soot is coming up from there, but I’ve been told that it’s fine.  It just seems that two days after I dust, it’s got to be done again, and shit, I’m not dusting every day.


To Do List for Friday:

  • Wash Floors
  • Wash Bathroom
  • Vacuum (late in the day)
  • Dust (very late in the day, scheduled for midnight)
  • Make Pita Chips and Dip


So last week, as part of his present, I took LD to see the Lorax movie.  You can read about that here.  He’s all Loraxed up, wanting everything Lorax.  Another planned birthday gift was getting him the Lorax book, so we made a little excursion to the bookstore.  He totally enjoyed that because the book store has a Thomas the Tank Engine play table.  Listen for British accent, “Hello, Thomas!” 

Last minute change after all my planning via Pinterest:  convert Lego cake to Lorax cake.  Was planning on doing it myself before The Drake threw me a curve ball, the intention being to make it easier on me for party day, and ordered a sheet cake that was Lorax theme, but with a photograph as the focal point and well, that’s not my style.  I was planning on getting fondant and really making a nice cake myself, I was feeling it.  I AM doing it at some point.  So the weird thing is that locally, there is NOTHING Lorax out there by way of little toys or anything that I can use to accessorize this cake.  I thought for sure that the stores would be overflowing with Lorax merchandise… Target? Nope, Toys R Us?  Nada.  I have a feeling that if Target doesn’t have anything, that Walmart will not, either.  Something’s up and I’m wondering about it.  Don’t think there’s time to  find a free pattern and knit a lorax that small… just don’t have the time.  I’m actually thinking about getting some of that orange clay stuff you can put into the oven.. hmmm  Have no idea where to find cotton candy for the truffula trees… Might do pom poms, but I’m keen on cotton candy!  Maybe it’s just too close to the opening weekend?  Maybe the store companies weren’t sure how big the Lorax was going to be?  BIG, baby!  I loved it.

Oh, so getting to the title.  Friends and family, please do NOT bring anything on Saturday.  Plenty of food… unless you want to bring me chocolate, feel free to walk in empty handed… no that’s mandatory!

OH… so look what I just found:  Free Lorax Garden app in the apple store…. Still free, but price can change at any time.

oooo… Someone found cotton candy in the Easter Section… Look so cute!



So here I am, still up… well, actually, I had a kind of a longish nap today- around a three hour one.  Crampiness will do that to ya, and it removes the danger from your loved ones.


I am The Lorax

I am the little man

I am the little man

I am the Lorax… coo coo cachoo… coo coo cachoo…

Yes, I’m getting a little silly.  Beatles.  Dr. Seuss.  It’s all good.   “Mommie, mommie!  There’s the Lorax!”  That was my world….  Yesterday was Little Drake’s seventh birthday.   Hubby gave us leave to go and see the big 3D version of it, and I had AMC vouchers courtesy of the NJ Blood Center and compensation for donating whole blood.  We got the the theater in plenty of time, but quickly heard rumors that the show was sold out… ewww!  We stayed on line and, sure enough, it was.  I did purchase tickets for the, what, 2D version?  With voucher, cost us two or three dollars… Holy Moly~!

Then it started.  The pouting, the whining, the almost-meltdown.  Ya gotta understand that with my little boy, it’s all or nothing.  He’s either elated, on happy juice or melting down if things don’t go exactly the way he expects.  To be honest, we don’t go to the movies very often and it never occurred to me that the movie might sell out before we got there.  If it did, I would’ve worked out plan B and made sure it was accepted.  So, all Little D wanted to do was go home and sulk.  I could not let that happen when I knew that he really, REALLY wanted to see this movie, and I already had the tickets.  He wasn’t having any of it.  Quick thinking on my part, got him to Target across the parking lot.  I had a Target gift card in my pocket and it was my intention to kill some time there, but also get him a little something, being it “was” his special day.  His eyes lit up and he started talking about Ninja-something that was Legos.  Since I spent so little on the tickets I thought I could get a nice little gift, but when I sought to eye-ball the gift card, sadly, I realized it was not in my pocket at all.  Not in my purse, not anywhere.  Oh geez, I left it home.  I was hopeful, however, that I could get one of the smaller sets and could do $15.00.  Nothing.  Nada… Whatever they had was $25.00 and up.  We both were, again, pretty disappointed, but I did manage to secure a $4.99 “Booster” pack which he was pretty happy with.  Whew, got saved on that one.

Then we headed to the target eating place and Got him a hot chocolate and we shared one of those hot pretzels.  Oh man!  I wish I had my camera as I was treated to the first, or one of the first, manifestations of Little D’s blossoming sense of humor.  He was always a kid with a ready laugh, a ready, goofy laugh, a very precious laugh; but this was something different.  He broke off a curved piece of pretzel and blurted out, “Hello?  Hello?”.  Well, you had to be there.  We shared a big spontaneous burst of belly laugh!   The expression on his face was priceless as he realized that he made me laugh…. like that.  Where was my camera?  Sitting beside my laptop at home.  grrrrrrrrrrrr!

It’s just about time to head over to the theater when he announces that he wants to go home. grrrrrrr.  Nope, I’m not going to get frustrated.  I just say that we HAVE to go see the movie because we already have tickets, and don’t you want popcorn?  hee hee…. That’s something that LD was also talking about all week long, the popcorn.  So inside the theater, I steer him over to the bathroom while he’s trying to tell me all the while that we should be getting popcorn.  OK, we do our business and finally head over for the popcorn and a soda.  Gotta have soda with popcorn, though I’ve not been drinking soda at all lately… It’s just that I couldn’t see paying five bucks for a little bottle of waTER… Nope, couldn’t wrap my head around that at all.  It’s somewhere par for buying a bottle of AIR.  We head into the movie and even though we bought our tickets well ahead of time, the only seats available were down in front…. WAY down in front.  We had to lay back to see the towering screen, but you know, I really love that, despite the fact that my back is still recovering.

The Lorax was a total pleasure to sit through, once all the previews were done, that is.  The effects were so cool… and we weren’t even watching 3D~!  I recommend this movie for all ages.  At first I was a little put off because I heard it was a musical.  Somehow when the cast suddenly breaks out in song, well, that doesn’t really sit well with me… but it was cute and not a prolonged thing.  If you have the book, the movie is a must see precisely because there is so much more to the movie, yet doesn’t loose, not a thing, from the book.  The movie gives more of a story, but doesn’t distort the story from the book… it’s like the story behind the story and all fits together seamlessly.  To be honest, I felt that the Lorax was a little too soft of a character for Danny DeVito’s voice…. but it was still nice.

So all in all, I’m pretty satisfied and elated, even, about this weekend.  I managed to do a lot for Little D’s birthday without breaking the bank.  So glad I saved those movie vouchers.  So glad we spent part of our day at All About Ewe yesterday.  We saw live alpacas, I got the chance to knit, and he got the chance to play with a couple of boys around his age and that meant the world to him, and to me, too.  Some of the best things in life are free and I’m on a mission.  I’m also going to have the chance to process and spin alpaca fleece into yarn as a donation to Faerie Tale Fiber Farm ~ Faerie Tale Alpacas.  This is a “No Kill” sanctuary in Ottsville, PA and they rescue alpacas and give them a place to live and lots of love.  They are also in need of donations to help keep their mission alive, so please go check out their facebook page.  Plenty of photos of the critters that live there….

Here’s one I took on Saturday:

Pita Chips For the Snacking

Homemade Pita Chips

This just a quickie.  Tomorrow will be writing about Little Drake’s (remember him?) birthday; but for right now, I want to share this great little recipe for the most delish homemade pita chips.

Very simple really.  You know how sometimes we don’t consume a purchased amount of product, then end up throwing it out… OR feed the birds?  Well, we have a bird problem in my neck of the woods, precisely because my neighbor feeds them.  Every week my car gets bombed with pigeon doody and it sckseeves me out, totally; and I’m steadfastly refuse to contribute to the problem.  Seriously, one time, well, several times there were bread slices on the roof of the garage and whole half loaves of artesian bread sitting in our driveway.

So, last week I had a high volume of breadstuffs left over from a gathering at the house, and one was an almost whole package of pita pockets.  Ten big, fresh pockets which proceeded to get hard by the end of the week.  I’m an advocate for DIY’ing anything I can and knew that I could do this.

Okay, so before I get into this recipe, please note that there are no exact measurements.  Just throw the stuff in, to your taste.  If you don’t like garlic, then by all means don’t use it.  You can use any herbs you like, as little or as much as you want.  Have a problem with salt?  You don’t have to use it….

  1. Preheat your oven to 400 deg., line a shallow cookie pan with aluminum foil.
  2. Prepare herb oil by heating up 1-2 cups of olive oil, then adding sea salt, garlic-I use Goya Garlic paste in the glass jar, rosemary, oregano.  Mix that up real well, then set aside.  I had this mixture already in the fridge, so if you are using something you already have, just heat it up a bit in the microwave, just so that all the oil is melted and back into liquid form.
  3. Cut up your round pita into eight or so triangle pieces.  Remember that these will be snackable chips.  Arrange these slices all over your lined pan.
  4. Bush herb oil mixture all over your pita slices.
  5. Pop into the oven for 7-10 minutes.  You must keep checking as these can burn pretty quickly and if I remember correctly, I did not readily smell the pitas toasting.  Depending on the brownness, either take them right out, or flip them over to toast the other side…. these will only require a couple of minutes until done.

And that, people, is IT.  These are very sturdy chips and will stay strong through the roughest of spinach dips.  Want to add a little extra something?  Try sprinkling asiago cheese on top before putting into the oven.  What I love about this recipe is that anything goes.  No exact measurements, all ingredients are added to taste.  Don’t like garlic, though it’s good for you, don’t put it into your oil.  Want a sweeter taste?  I’m sure you can brainstorm and maybe add a little honey into the mix.  I’ve never tried that, but I’m thinking it will be some kind of awesome adventure to see how it lends itself to this recipe.  I would just experiment on a few pieces as opposed to whole batches for experiments, however.

Well, I’d love to hear about whatever you come up with!


Wow… tried out this reblogging feature for the first time and didn’t get the whole post in this blog post… so what to do?   Also, tried to reblog a second time to my other blog and it’s not working at all.

I guess first order of business is to go and read up on this feature to see exactly what it’s supposed to do and what it’s for because the first few lines won’t do.

Colors of the Dragon

Not Eww.  Ewe.  Get it?  I just love it~!  I don’t know what else to say.  All About Ewe is a yarn, no, FiBER shop that just opened up in Clark, NJ.  I just love, love, LOVE this store.  Yeah, I’m biased, but that’s only because I happen to know the owner.  Still, I’ve heard other people say that they feel very comfortable when they are there.  People whom I don’t know and also people I know that don’t know Lisa.  

The first thing you notice when you walk in is the yarn… duh!  No, but really, you do.  Second is that it’s bright and cheerful, decorated with, well, sheep.  If you did happen to not notice the yarn, the sheep speckled throughout the store will definitely give you the hint:  WooL.  Another bright store that I’m thinking about is very large and spacious and after you find…

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