Yep still in Lorax mode... Hoping to pull it off this weekend.

A quickie post to note that even though last weekend was Little Drake’s birthday, THIS weekend will be the celebration.  He’s been asking about all his cousins prior to last weekend AND this week.  He’s so used to seeing his cousins for birthdays, for his birthday and it must be a little strange for him.  I get it.  Anyway, I should’ve gotten into the cleaning yesterday and today, but have not done a thing because of crampiness…. there, I’ve said it.  Tomorrow, is D-day, however and crankiness, fatigue, cramps-be-damned, I’ve got to clean (do I have to?)  Yes, dammit.  Oh, landlord working on the bathroom tiles sort of gave me a pass for staying out of there for two days, but again, tomorrow will be a different story.  Plus, I can never bring myself to clean for an event until almost right before people come.  Oh, I’ll declutter key clutter spots, put things away and stuff; but actually cleaning gets done last minute…. why is that?  Well, for starters, this place is a perpetual dust magnet.  I used to think that it’s like that because we live in the city, but all winter our windows are closed.  I’ve asked the landlord to check the boiler, thinking that maybe soot is coming up from there, but I’ve been told that it’s fine.  It just seems that two days after I dust, it’s got to be done again, and shit, I’m not dusting every day.


To Do List for Friday:

  • Wash Floors
  • Wash Bathroom
  • Vacuum (late in the day)
  • Dust (very late in the day, scheduled for midnight)
  • Make Pita Chips and Dip


So last week, as part of his present, I took LD to see the Lorax movie.  You can read about that here.  He’s all Loraxed up, wanting everything Lorax.  Another planned birthday gift was getting him the Lorax book, so we made a little excursion to the bookstore.  He totally enjoyed that because the book store has a Thomas the Tank Engine play table.  Listen for British accent, “Hello, Thomas!” 

Last minute change after all my planning via Pinterest:  convert Lego cake to Lorax cake.  Was planning on doing it myself before The Drake threw me a curve ball, the intention being to make it easier on me for party day, and ordered a sheet cake that was Lorax theme, but with a photograph as the focal point and well, that’s not my style.  I was planning on getting fondant and really making a nice cake myself, I was feeling it.  I AM doing it at some point.  So the weird thing is that locally, there is NOTHING Lorax out there by way of little toys or anything that I can use to accessorize this cake.  I thought for sure that the stores would be overflowing with Lorax merchandise… Target? Nope, Toys R Us?  Nada.  I have a feeling that if Target doesn’t have anything, that Walmart will not, either.  Something’s up and I’m wondering about it.  Don’t think there’s time to  find a free pattern and knit a lorax that small… just don’t have the time.  I’m actually thinking about getting some of that orange clay stuff you can put into the oven.. hmmm  Have no idea where to find cotton candy for the truffula trees… Might do pom poms, but I’m keen on cotton candy!  Maybe it’s just too close to the opening weekend?  Maybe the store companies weren’t sure how big the Lorax was going to be?  BIG, baby!  I loved it.

Oh, so getting to the title.  Friends and family, please do NOT bring anything on Saturday.  Plenty of food… unless you want to bring me chocolate, feel free to walk in empty handed… no that’s mandatory!

OH… so look what I just found:  Free Lorax Garden app in the apple store…. Still free, but price can change at any time.

oooo… Someone found cotton candy in the Easter Section… Look so cute!



So here I am, still up… well, actually, I had a kind of a longish nap today- around a three hour one.  Crampiness will do that to ya, and it removes the danger from your loved ones.