Expresso & Coffee Guide

I’ve gotten pretty stagnant with my coffee choices lately, even as my coffee and spices post and the follow up to that, are still to this day being viewed.  I made a really bad decision, at a really bad time, to purchase a Keurig coffee brewer.  I give it a 100% rating for convenience, but it’s mighty expensive to keep the coffee flowing as compared to old fashion ground and perked coffee in a coffee pot, or coffee maker for that matter.  Anyway, just as I had packed up my brewer for storage to start perking my coffee, DH started bringing home the K-cups for the Keurig.  I had to literally unpack my Keurig that was sitting by the door to the basement.  This sudden interest from my husband was intriguing and it’s still going on today.  Intriguing because the guy is a pretty fugal fellow and this coffee is mega expensive, well, for us.  He insists that he only gets the ones on sale, but even the sale price is too expensive in my book.  I think he likes to be able to make fresh coffee all by himself in the morning as opposed to the instant that he had been drinking.  The man refuses to learn how to do anything in the kitchen… sad.  It must be in the man-genes.

I believe that people have been lured into thinking that $4.00 for a cup of coffee is pretty much the standard.  Think about it.  Even if a bag of express beans cost $8.00 or so, the amount of cups you can produce from that single bag is pretty significant amount.  I can’t quote numbers here but use your imagination.  People today, especially the young people, have no idea what a coffee pot is.  Am I being dramatic?  Maybe, but I’d be willing to bet that a majority of these kids have never had a perked cup of coffee, let alone brewed a pot of it.  So freaking SAD because there is no coffee better tasting than a properly perked cup of java.  Google yourself “perked coffee, perking coffee, old fashioned coffee… etc.” and you’ll start to get an idea.

So, one day he comes home with “Italian Roast”, which is expresso.  Now, while I am Italian and love expresso coffee, it must be served with Sambuca AND lemon slices or lemon juice.  Traditionally, at least in our house, it was either anise liquor OR a slice of lemon rind.  Once I combined these two flavors, I just could not have it any other way.  After I discovered dark Sambuca, THAT became my liquor of choice.  Well, this is a pickle.  I can’t have expresso in the morning with my breakfast, that’s just wrong.  Today I got the brilliant idea to gather up some expresso recipes for coffee drinks and found this page at Expresso & Coffee Guide.  The list is pretty long, and just keep scrolling down for recipes that have missing links (which is almost of them).  The recipes are written out at the bottom.

I’m sitting here right now enjoying some Italian Roast coffee as a mocha coffee something, made with my Keurig, honey, cocoa powder, nutmeg, and a tiny bit of sea salt.  Next I have to figure out a way to incorporate a caramel, but sugar-free then I can get rid of the honey.