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Keep on Truckin’

My sister had this exact same poster on our wall when we were kids.  Ha… Never thought I’d see or think about it ever again… but here I am, doing just that… but only for a little bit.  I needed a good title for this post, and while I’m not so sure it’s a “good” one, at the moment it’s ringing my bell with echos of “Truckin'” by the Grateful Dead.

“Truckin, like the do-dah man. once told me youve got to play your hand
Sometimes your cards aint worth a dime, if you don’t layem down”….

So, with an intro like that, you might be able to guess what this post is about, but not really.  Last year, I think it was, I decided to cut the shit and acknowledge that I need to get myself some exercise.  That was the first step.  I’ve always been overweight, but now that I’ve crossed over into my fifties, I realize that I’ve got to at least get some steady (not crazy, mind you) exercise… just something to get and keep my metabolism going in the morning and chuffing along all through the day.  I could never jog or run, or do aerobics, but I “love to ride my bicycle, I love to ride my bike.  I love to ride it where I like”.…  SO, I gathered up all my courage to slap down an ungodly sum of American dollars to purchase a Cannondale Comfort 5 in RED.  I don’t have any regrets.  I knew from the start that I wanted a new bike and that it needed to be strong enough to support my weight.  I needed a comfortable seat for my ample behind… and well, I just wanted to be sure that I did everything I could so that I had no excuses to abandon my new endeavor…. and though I really hate to wear it, I’ve decided to be a good role model for my son and wear a helmet.  You can’t be too careful, you know.

I am in total love with my bike, sorry Jeri.

I am in total love with my bike~!

Last year I started out pretty good, then stopped for some reason, though I forgot why.  Now this year, I was all gung ho but the weather has been horrible right from June.  Now, in August and out of the clear blue, DH asked if I wanted to go riding with him.  I jumped at the chance even though I was one breath away from asking him if he wanted to go to Target with me… oh well, Target will always be there.  So, for the last three weeks or so, we’ve been riding around two to three days a week.  Riding to the local park and then doing laps around the track.  I started out doing 2, then 3, then 4 laps… making sure I do one extra lap each day in an effort not to overdo it… as I’m prone to do and usually sabotage myself with injuries to either foot or back.  On that day, upon stopping after 4 laps, my legs were too wobbly to hold me up after putting my foot on the ground… so over I went and fell into the grass.  You would think that this would not be so bad, but it was a really deep scrape and I could only sit there with it bleeding down my leg as I had forgotten my water that day.  Oh well, at least I did my four laps.  So, I missed our next planned day… then the weekend came… then, on Monday, I had a platelet donation appointment and didn’t go out again, then my Father came for a visit on the next day, Tuesday, and I didn’t go out again.  While making dinner that night, I sliced my middle finger with the veggie peeler…. I’ll be considerate to you folks and just say it was a relentless bleeder.  The rest of that week, las week, I didn’t go riding for fear that I was going to do something to upset the healing process as there was a flap that needed to remain in place… Well, just say I was afraid for that reason.

Now comes this week.  Well, if I can type with my finger, which I’m doing, I can certainly go for a ride.  HA.. I was going to insert a pic of my sliced finger, but that would be tasteless and besides, it’s not as gross as it was a few days ago.  While we were out today, I was trying to decide whether to forgo doing that extra lap because of my extended absence; but I decided to go through with it and was successful AND I didn’t fall off my bike after.  I was so glad that I went because you get to recognize the “regulars” at the park, whether they are jogging, walking or just plain out there with their kids enjoying the day.  Wow, when I first got there, two people greeted me, then after I had stopped for my break, this guy who walk and jogs gave me encouragement as he passed by… so nice of him.  He said that the hardest part is getting started and he said that, “I’m there”… wow… I’m wondering how good of a  judge of character he his.  I’m hoping he’s a really good one.  I’ve also been encouraged by the words of my nephew.  It was last year and he said, “You get hooked on the feeling of feeling good”… Oh I messed that up.  It was something like that because I was commenting on how much better I felt and he said you get hooked on your body feeling better… ugh, can’t get it.  I’ll leave it in.  But really, there’s no other feeling like getting energized from doing exercise…. Not sure if I’ll expand and get into other forms of it, but I did always like stretching and flexibility stuff.  I was always more flexible and could do more than my contemporaries despite the fact that they were WAY skinnier than I was…. heh….. HA~!  There is absolutely no category in my blog to cover exercise and I think I’ll keep it that way for now.  Commitments get me nervous.  I’ll list this under “health related”.. or something like that.

In closing, there is so much I still want to write about but those topics have nothing to do with the above.  I’ll be getting back here soon with the latest on my knitting and something else that escapes me right now… ugh just like me.  This is the way I roll…. sometimes I stall out.

Sometimes the lights all shinin on me;
Other times I can barely see.
Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it’s been.


Long Overdue

So much to write about but this hot weather has had me in it’s clutches since June.  I think it’s safe to say that I may be going through “the changes”…. sigh… sounds so baaad.

Around 50 days ago I had an apheresis appointment to donate platelets.   Dare I make a long story with tedious details short, by just saying that after I filled out my application, I ended up leaving without making the donation.  I know… so bad.  My horns got twisted after they left me hanging in the hall for a good long while without so much as an apology for the wait, no explanation, nothing.  Every time I went inside, I was instructed to go back out into the hallway.  There are two chairs to donate in, yet one remained unused.  They must have thought that I couldn’t hear their conversation, but I could hear every word.  Apparently, there was nobody available to tend to my donation, the second chair; which kind of confused me because one technician has always handled the two chairs.  One person who knew the staff there, was talking about knowing someone they’d like to get hired, and she asked the nurse/phlebotomist/techie what she should do.

Well, after listening to this chit chat and looking at the clock again, I finally went inside and blew up… well, my version of it.  I know, that was wrong.  With my voice cracking, I asked the nurse why they schedule appointments when they obviously are not ready to service my appointment on time.  I got profuse apologies, but again no explanation.  Personally, apologies don’t cut it for me.  It is just “required” words coming out of the mouth of an employee just trying to placate the irate customer, without much meaning.  Plus, apologies will not speed things up.  I’d much rather be dealt with in a straightforward manner.  If she had just come out into the hallway with an apology and told me what the delay was, and hey, can you wait around another half hour or so, maybe go to the cafeteria and come back.  I can deal with that.  I’d much rather go somewhere else and come back.  Maybe that sounds silly, but at least I’d be informed and then I can deal with the situation much better than being left to hang and hang and hang to the point of exasperation.  Well, that’s me.  Anyway, I felt my temper rising and I curtly told her that I would make another appointment and left.  I was pissed.  Later, I was told that they were ready for me at the exact time that I left.  I think it’s pretty interesting since I was never told that, or I would have stayed.

People don’t realize the hoops I must jump through just to make this donation, which I do so gladly and with much love.  However, to make this happen, it takes much more than juggling my own schedule.  I must juggle DH’s schedule as well, because I need to make sure that he’s home to pick up our boy from school and for him to cancel anything he’s planning on for that night.  Typically, there is plenty of time in between so this is not inconvenience, but he misses his night out; then I must remind him practically on a daily basis that I have my appointment on such and such a date.  Also, there’s consideration for commuting to the hospital, using gas, then spending extra money on a light meal at the hospital before the donation.  You really need to make sure you have eaten WELL or it’s possible you will get sick, which HAS happened to me.  Finally, the two dollars to pay for parking.   Making sure I have the gas and the extra money is, well, another hoop to be cleared.  No, I don’t plan on bringing my own food… though I do bring my own water.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, last Monday, another appointment.  Thankfully, it went without a hitch.  Hemoglobin was a 14… woo hoo, the highest I ever had.  84 minutes to donate a triple unit of platelets.   The low side to this was that this time I forgot my water at home and I had no money to get a little something before donating.  I did eat almost before I left for the hospital and did not get sick.  I got my water there, before the donation, though I’ve got to be careful not to drink too much or I’d have a bursting bladder in the middle of it all….. aaah– no.

I can’t resist showing you this little guy.  He’s Platelet Man.  He was sent to me as the sweetest of gestures by Marty at the blood center.  He is my contact there and the guy I make my appointments with.  He had a pretty patient ear (and that’s quite a feat for a guy) and listened to my ramblings about the fiasco experience.  I mean, I’ll admit that I was overly sensitive and should not have left the appointment.  At the time I felt that I had to or I’d really blow up on those girls and didn’t want to do that.  It’s stuff like this that bring me back to focus and show me just how much I still need to learn about life.

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