Just had to share this, my most recent nail design success (and there have not been that many).   Many designs are hard for me to do, but I seem to have some luck with bi-tonal and stripes made with those special nail art polishes.  The weird thing about this pic is that it doesn’t show the true color.  To photograph my hand, I need to use a flash to get the sharpest picture and this messes up the colors sometimes.  The dark dreary day doesn’t help much either….  heh.

To the right is a close up.  I love how this looks and the main reason I’m posting is that I’m sure this is the most successful I’ve managed to date, and that is including color choices.

The pic below shows the polishes I used for the design above.  You can get a little bit better idea of the true colors.

List them left to right:  Kiss Nail Art Paint- Black, Art Deco- Purple Blue Glitter, Wet n Wild Megalast in Wet Cement #201C, and my favorite Wet n Wild Fastdry in Gray’s Anatomy #237C.  A pearlized effect.  Look at it from one angle and it’s pink, tilt it at a slightly different angle and it’s greenish.  Not at all like the pic above, eh?  I love WnW’s Megalast.  Megalast sports a “ManiCurve” Pro brush… fancy schmancy!  Seriously, I love this brush and most Megalast colors are thick and I like that.  I go for maximum coverage and hate when I have to do 3-plus coats just to achieve that look.

I have an artist’s brush, size 000 (that’s zero, zero, zero).  I know some use these brushes with nail polish, but I prefer to only use them with acrylic paints to make designs, then when totally dry, I’ll seal it with clear polish.  Oh, secured a nail stencil stamping kit (with video) for $3.00 at a local yard sale a couple of weeks ago… woo hoo~!  When I get up the nerve to try that out, I’ll be updating here to let ya’ll know how it went.  You know, it still never ceases to amaze me that not only do I have nails, but I have LONG nails.  Not so long that they render me non-functional, but pretty impressive given my lifelong history of not having any nails to speak of, being a compulsive nail biter, I bit them way past the nail bed… so my nails get kind of wonky as they grow.

Funny thing this year, I’m craving grays,blue-grays, and just about all grays.  I’ve not found anything in my price range, however, to push me over the edge and take the plunge.  I’m usually drawn to blues, purples, reds and like greens, teals, oh, and this summer even oranges.  Check out a couple of pics below on the way out.

Weak and ugly feathering technique below.  But you know what they say, “nobody will know.”  Eventually, I want to use real feathers.  So many crazy things out there since my last foray into the world of nail designs.