First, let me say that this is my 300th post~!  Yippee… and thanks to all you readers out there who, incredulously are still reading; and I guess thanks to Sandy, too, as it’s because of her that I’ve been cranking out a post a day for a few days now.   I must be doing something, even a tiny little bit right.  You guys are amazing and kept coming back even though I wasn’t posting for a good long while.  Also, it showed me what the important thing are.  My family is a Godsend and if it weren’t for them, each in their own way, I would be in the looney bin right now.  Ed, you are beautiful, inside and out.  You are my rock.  Your wisdom is profound in it’s very simplicity.  I love you forever and with an intensity that would truly scare you if you knew.  So if you want to start from the beginning, click here Day Nine Post Sandy, then click here on Who Turned On That Light, then click here Frankenstorm Sandy Continues, then click here, Halloween and Frankenstorm Sandy.

Saturday, November 3, 2012, 5:52pm… Day Six.  I’m not scared, but I’m pretty pissed, frustrated, and pretty much depressed when at home so I’ve been spending a lot of daylight hours outside the home, we all have been doing that.  The library has become our second home, though, today has been only my second day going there and tomorrow, Sunday, it’s closed, so my 72% of charged ipad will have to do me for two days.  I did manage to get online to check out news and leave an update on facebook to let family and friends know we’re still alive and doing well, relatively speaking.  We had lunch at a fast food place and I got my ice fix, but sadly I didn’t grab a cup of ice before we left because we went back to the library and then I decided to try and get gas, seeing as I was almost running on empty.  2.5 hours in line for gas.  During that time, I got a shitload of knitting done… well, a lot more knitting than I could get done at home.

Now I’m home and had my cup of coffee… Ah another life saver and I’m pretty sure I’m enjoying better tasting coffee than from other places, though McDonald’s has very good coffee and they have it for $1.00 for any size you choose to get… pretty good deal, Dunkin Donuts!  But really, the coffee I’m brewing at home is Dunkin Dark ground coffee.  Got it on sale and so damn glad that I did.  Normally, I wouldn’t purchase ground  coffee because we have the Keurig… I believe this was another intervention from above.  I mean, that was a month ago and I never opened it.  So, this, the coffee, the water, both times it worked out positively after this hurricane…. but still no power.

So good to get out and talk to people.  No matter how bad, how miserable and negative I am feeling, just coming into contact with someone is uplifting to me.  Next week, I’ve got to have blood work done.  Not looking forward to the numbers as I’ve not been taking my medication.  I refuse to say why, but it’s something that can’t be helped.  Still, I went to the drs because of my arm and I’m afraid that I’m going to need testing… which might mean x-rays or something else and worried about the cost as it will be out of pocket.  The PM pain medication I’ve been taking doesn’t work the majority of the time but I’ve found that if I sleep sitting up, the pain is not that bad.  Also just found out that NJ DMV has extended the deadline to 11/30/12 for renewing licenses that expired 10/31/12, which mine did.  I’m wondering if now I can renew online.  That would be great if I could do that… though I’ve heard of the post office losing licenses mailed out to people.

So, went to take pics of the lines and trees that are down that we believe is the reason we lost power.  Yeauh.  Nobody was there working on the problem.  The trees are still in the street, wires down in two separate places on this block and no repairpeople in sight.  Do you see the steam coming out of my head?  Yeah, I know this storm was the “Frankenstorm” and it’s far worse than we’ve ever seen, devastation, etc., but I’m beside myself.  Just got an update from my neighbor… Seems that PSE&G is up by where those trees are down and might be working on it.  Chances are, hubby will want to walk up there to see what is going on after the little one goes to bed.  It might even be that location is not our power problem, but we shall see (BTW, these pics were taken with my new phone, NICE~!) 6:22pm

11/04/12, 5:49pm… Day Seven: Today was a good and a bad day for me.  Mostly good, but that little bad is a whopper.  This is the first time since the power outage that I blasted DH with my anger and frustration. He’s like: a man.  Innocent until proven witless.  (I really feel bad about it, now but at the time, grrrrr!  He’s an angel.) But let me start with some good.  Today is Sunday and we headed out for church.  No power there either, but we were greeted by the soft piano strains of O Holy Night, which is a very beautiful hymn, played by Fr. Jose, the new and young priest who is very musical in his ministry.  It was like a breath of fresh air, and I just stood by and listened until it was time for mass to start.  Very nice. Afterwards, we got to chat with our friends and then hopped in the car to head out.  Now, usually we enter into a conversation about whether we should just go home or go for lunch.  “Are you hungry, I ask? and he replied this day by saying, Yeah, a little.” So I thought we’d at least go to some fast food joint; but instead, my darling hubby drove us home.  OMG, my heart sank down to a new low when I realized where we were going.  I popped.  I blurted out even before we exited the car that I was not staying home.  I slammed the doors all the way inside and while I was changing clothes, DH asked me if I want to go out and I yelled, “NO, You’ve MADE your decision!”  I shut slammed the bedroom door and got into bed.  Oh shit.  I didn’t know what to do with myself and rejoined the family in the kitchen.  I am forever opening my mouth long and loud without taking a couple of breaths to calm myself down.. huh, undoubtedly you know that by now…. ugh.  So, to make a long story short, we ended up leaving the house, but father and son went one way and I went another.  I went over to All About Ewe, an LYS that had power, heat, wifi, coffee, bathroom, and FRIENDS.  See, hubby didn’t see that the last place I wanted to be today was home.  It’s depressing being here without power and without that sense of normalcy.  Thanks so much to Lisa for the warm hospitality she always shows to me whenever I go there… and I’ll probably go back tomorrow with the boy in tow.

While I was there today, I went online to our mayor’s facebook page where he announced today that by tomorrow (and I’ll input myself “by tomorrow’s end) Elizabeth will have 100% power.  Yeah, we shall see and you’ll hear about it here first… or maybe last since I would have no power.  Sigh.  I’d really just rather have the truth than false promises.  (To be fair, and as previously noted, none of the electric companies during this outage gave honest, accurate information to the mayor, or anyone.)  One thing though.  I’ve got to retract my statement that rich neighborhoods get their power restored first.  Well, here yes; but in the neighboring more affluent towns, the power is still out and it seems that none of my friends have theirs back on yet, either.  I heard that Westfield’s mayor told their electric company that their merchants were “suffering”, so their power was restored by this morning and the residents are still without it.  What gall to put their own residents last.  The seniors have been ignored, as well, in many towns.  Holy crap…. well, signing off for now…. 6:21pm.

UPDATE 6:31pm…. My neighbor called to say that our other neighbor went up to that site with the trees and poles down to ask when they were going to work on that.  The reply was that FIRST they have to mark the gas lines before they can even start work and that will take days… UM… REALLY???  I WANT TO SCREAM. !!!!….. 6:33PM

11/06/2012, 8:53am~Day Nine~ELECTION DAY…. Still no power.  Still nobody working on getting the power on.  Heard about car accidents happening at traffic lights that are off.  It’s just a mess.  So, hear tell of majority of the power efforts happening down in South Jersey because they lost their homes…. So if they don’t have homes, what is the use of having power?  Yeah, I’m bad and quite frankly I don’t care what people think…. THAT’S how bad it is here.  Hey, I have a young boy also, and it’s FREEZING here… so we are freezing just as much as those people down there.  Maybe after my power goes back on, I’ll be able to reflect on my shitty perspective, but really, not before. (Reflection currently happening, but slowly)

Sigh.  Election Day 2012.  We voted first thing in the morning and then went to a diner for breakfast.  I know I should be grateful that we can do that, and I didn’t complain to THEM, but they served my grits in the same flat plate as my omelette, which was kind of like a yellow island in a sea of grits… and the grits tasted disgusting and the butter tasted disgusting… So, ate my omelette and that’s it.  Coffee was okay, water also with ice, so I appreciated that.  Tip was our usual, but also forgot to tell the woman who took our money about how to serve grits.  Polling place had power, wow, wonder of wonders… how did THAT happen?  I can’t stand the sound of other peoples’ generators… So loud and reeking of “HA HA We have power and you don’t.”  Still, though, those people have to stand in long lines at the gas station every single day to be maintaining that generator, so I’m not very jealous of them.  One thing though, people, when you send your teenaged girls out to stand in line for your gas, please make them take off their pajamas and put on regular clothes… sheesh.  I can just imagine all those bored men, young and old, sitting in their cars catching an eyeful of chunky, jiggly young girl asses.  Just serve them up on a plate, why don’cha.

Our little guy has been doing pretty well and I think that’s because big guy has been taking him out here and there for walks and the library.  Yesterday they picked up the garbage, as promised.  Thank you for some kept promises.  Good thing, too, because this week everyone had to empty their refrigerators and freezers of spoiled food.  We have a problem with skunks, opossums, and believe it or not, raccoons and feral cats.  Only thing left in my fridge are around 8-10 various sized glass jars of olives, “cooking” for the holidays, grated cheese, pancake syrup (not sure if that’s good), and just made hubby throw out a large jar of commercial jelly.  I’m a pretty irate personality right now, so hubby just went out for a paper (even though we just drove in)… I’m just done. 9:15am