Okay… A little off the current topic, which is reflecting upon Hurricane Sandy and how I can turn this crisis into a learning moment for my immature self.  I want to come back to how a coffee addict survived ten days without power and managed to drink her established amount of amazing coffee each morning  and throughout the day.

I’m currently using Keurig’s Single Serve Platinum brewer, but the best coffee comes from perked coffee from a gas stove.  Back in the old days, like Ed likes to say, coffee was not brewed, but made as a “decoction,” coffee grinds boiled at a low temperature, then strained out of the coffee.  I vividly remember my grandfather making his coffee in this way.  He just dumped the coffee into boiling water.  The cowboys made it this way, didn’t they?  Yeah, sure.  There was more coffee grinds at the bottom of the cup than I’d like to admit, but, if you didn’t move the cup too much, they stayed down.  Retro.  Anyway, I had a much more modern method.  I had my trusty Melitta coffee cone.  Simple, yet genius.  This is what it looks like:

And, this is how I was using it, with Melitta single serve #4 filters.  You can get white ones or the brown ones made out of recycled paper, which is what I use.  Just set it up like this and add just one coffee measure of grinds, which is like 2 tbs., more or less depending on your preference.  More for a stronger cup of coffee, also take into consideration the size cup you are using.  This one is a bit larger, so I use just a little bit more.  I always use more.. hee hee.  So, one coffee measure of coffee is good for a 6 oz. cup of delicious coffee.  Next step is to pour boiling water into the filter, then I stand there and stir the grinds.  As the water is going through the filter, I will continue to add more water, a little at a time.  I’m getting a craving just thinking about it and really wish it was morning, instead of 10:58pm.  Dunkin Dark made really, really good coffee for me.  I also really love good 100% Columbian coffee.  Maxwell House brand is the best choice for me right now, and the best price for my pocket.


See how the grinds expand and settle on the vertical sides of the cone?  This is why I keep stirring the grinds, so that each grind stays in play all the while the water is passing through so as to get the most out of my grinds.  Sorry I didn’t stop to take a picture of the actual coffee.  I just couldn’t wait to drink it~!  Also, during the power outage we were prepared, we used powdered Coffeemate, plain.  So good… and this was a pointed terrible storm preparation that I made sure was secured before the storm.  We were sitting pretty, baby~!  We had our coffee.



So, we’d sit there in the dark, sipping our piping hot coffee.

Unfortunately, we did not have cookies…. sigh.