Okay… I’ve got to apologize for something going wrong and a MUCH shorter version of this post was displayed… only the first or part of the first paragraph.  While after much and strenuous (for me) jumping through hoops, I managed to restore my full article, two people had already LIKED it…. whew, I’m thinking “why?”  There was nothing written (yet) that I thought worthy of any attention… but thanks, people.  It’s appreciated.  I just hope my fully edited version is the one below… I’m bleary eyed right now.  Okay, now for a much needed pic for between this pre-paragraph and the real one…..


Who is the one person you hope isn’t reading your blog? Why?

Well, I wasn’t going to do this. I’m in the middle of trying to decide what to do about making changes to the blog for chrissake; but then I realized I couldn’t answer this question. This is sort of an oxi-moron. I mean, “Keep Out” is something that I imagine is the last thing we bloggers want to do. Keep out people, our readers? HA. We spend so much energy trying to invite people into our blogs. We welcome people, we arrange little attractions that hopefully will keep them here, we urge them to stay a while and comment. We LOVE the attention. Oh, and the POLLS. So, to suggest keeping anyone out and away from reading our stuff is just something I can’t imagine… or maybe I can? As a matter of fact, I’ve written a piece but have not published it publicly specifically because I’m not okay with one single person reading it. Yet, it’s here, somewhere and private. It’s a delicate green-grey area.

I have a little philosophy going on here, and that is this:

I don’t let any thoughts out of my head unless I’m sure that I’m okay with EVERYONE who even might find out about it, find out about it. Being okay with my thoughts out there is essential to my contentment. Sometimes it’s a matter of my ego taking over and releasing my content to the world…. oh, and I digress as egos usually will do…. Being honest about myself is also key to my survival and sense of freedom. It’s also a pretty dumb idea to let every single morbid, crazy, and weird thing float around the internet… or from mouth to mouth. So the trick is to either make yourself okay with everyone knowing about every crazy that is going on with you, OR just not let them out to begin with.

You see, words are power. Secrets are the enemy.

I will basically spill my guts about myself…. welllll, about 98% of the weird or morbid will break out. I believe that whatever is out there about myself and is well-known, will not come back to bite me in the butt. That is freedom or a feeling of. The feeling of having NO fear of someone coming up to me with the knowledge of a deep, dark secret of mine to hold over my head. But it’s more than that. I am what you see, plain and simple, or AM I? There were different versions of me floating around out there in my past, but thank GOD that was before the internet and there’s no one alive who can relate those stories…. bwaaahhhh~! In this time and place, there are no hidden agendas or hidden anything. I’m one helluva cussing mama who attends church regularly, loves her husband and basically will only fantasize about HIM…. Simple, really.

I’ve written pretty controversial pieces that have lost me some friends or maybe I should say they kind of stepped back, but I’m okay with that because I believe in what I write or with whatever I will bother to debate about. I’m not really a good debater, you need to know your stuff inside and out for that; but if I’m passionate about something, THAT inspires me to write… and so I do…. AND you can’t shut me up.

This. is. me.

7/10/2013 edited to add:

Ah… there’s always a footnote, don’t cha know.  SPAMMERS are the only ones who are definitely not welcome here.  Even though WordPress does a great job keeping them away, quite frequently I get spammers who come in here with a stupid or crazy comment, so totally not related to what I had wrote, then include a convenient link to their “business.”  So.  I do need to approve all comments and I’ve really enjoyed that arrangement.  Most times comments are approved on the spot or at the very least, the same day.  So spanners,  move your bucket ass along and don’t waste your time here…..