Daily Prompt: Dream Home

You win a contest to build your dream home. Draft the plans.

This is something near and dear to my heart.  I briefly had a home of my own during my first marriage.  He divorced me nine months after we moved there.  I happened to love the community of Sayreville, NJ. so much that I went and got a street map of the town and mounted it on a wall.  Every single day I referred to that thing and explored a different part of my town… ha, this was way before GPS‘s made life easy.  But I knew that town like the back of my hand in three months, the town I was finally putting roots down into.  The first seven or so years of my marriage, I did not feel “at home” where we were living, so this was pretty big for me.

So, I am assuming that I can go all out, just as if I won the lottery and cost is a non-issue, including maintenance of said house, and enough money to stock my kitchen and meet the needs of every whim.  My dream home is something with large rooms, lots of window area, like wall sized that will let the outside look inside… well, I’d also have acres and acres of privacy.  Since I’m living the fantasy here I have no qualms about specifying that I’d definitely have a suite of craft rooms, you get my drift, and these rooms, one for each hobby, would have lots of window space.  My knitting and spinning rooms would have a snug, warm, comfy feel with a fireplace for those long winter nights of doing my thang.  I’d have a room for my jewelry making, with an organizer for my beads built right into the wall.

My kitchen would be tremendous, also with a fireplace, large island, and accommodate every kitchen gadget and appliance… because I AM living the dream, this is all very doable!  This room would be a dream accommodation which would impress the most sophisticated chef.  Yet, it should be simple.  Doable? YEAH~!

modern-seattle-dream-home-2Picture 039imageshouse-with-ocean-view

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Now that I’ve got fantasizing out of my system, I come down to earth and realize I just need a house, a “place” big enough to accommodate three people, plus maybe an extra room to serve as both a little office and guest room… or maybe both, separately, so that I can accommodate more of my family at a moment’s notice should the need arise.  I’ve got to say, however, that I’d love a Widow’s Peak, you know, a small room at the top of the house with four windows, one on each side.  Another realistic desire would be to live near the ocean, either right on the ocean or on top of a cliff on the shore’s edge.  A lighthouse?  Yeah, maybe… with a house on the side.  Whatever house, it MUST speak to me.  It must tell me it’s story.  I love architecture and all those little things that pop out at you and whisper in your ear.  Did I mention the fireplace?

We don’t have much right now.  We rent, but we rent the first floor of a nice sized private house.  We have small bedrooms, but large-ish public rooms, two.  We have access to a front porch and the back yard, though we don’t entertain outside.  We do utilize storage space in the basement and for a bit extra, have half of a two car garage.  Not bad.  I love it here, though I hate the carpeted floors.  They are beige (intense dislike), OLD, dirty and way past the point where we can get them clean.  I am embarrassed to invite people over here just for the reason of the floors.  We live in an urban area, which has its drawbacks… severe drawbacks, but still, I love our living space, which is really what means the most.

To be quite honest, I’d love to live in a mansion, but another honest thought is that I would always feel like a guest there and not that it’s my own.  Living the better life, “richer” life is just so alien to me that I would always feel that the time to go home is fast approaching.  So, I just need a place that I can hunker down in forever.

Did I mention the fireplace?