Park Place Expensive Real Estate Monopoly

What can I say.  I have no idea how to fantasize.  Nah that’s not true.  My problem is that I can do it TOO well. Over the years I’ve had to draw back from it because I get carried away too far into my dreams.  They become too real for me or I really, really feel that way, so I’ve stopped to kind of save myself from the constant disappointment.  The tween and teen me could sit in isolation for hours upon hours living out some kind of fantasy in my head.  I wasted too many hours living out a life that was fake… in my head.  What was really odd was that I actually felt that I did those things done in fantasy, in my real life.  I felt the satisfaction, the exhilaration, the sense of accomplishment felt so real.

I bring this up today after experiencing a flash fantasy in McDonald’s.  You know they’ve got that Monopoly game going on right now.  I pulled a Park Place and I could SWEAR that I previously pulled a Boardwalk.  Do you know what this means?  It means a cool million dollars~!  I just asked DH to check again for the match.  I’ve been daydreaming all the way home from there about winning $1,000,000.  Imagine!

The first thing I’d do is get health insurance for our family.  Then I envisioned myself walking into our church’s office and asking them how much their bills were this month (year?) and write them a check for that amount. Then maybe pay for the next step of renovations that are being planned as part of their 100 year anniversary, but I’m sure they can’t comfortably afford to pay for it.  What I really want to do with this is to support my church; and by that I mean to support our local church and not the archdiocese.  I cannot abide with how they are handling the predatory priest scandal and I refuse to give my money to that institution.  The same institution that even after they knew about what was going on, hid it and simply reassigned these priests and effectively foisted them onto another unsuspecting “Community of Faith.”  Let me tell you my trust is gone completely. I have an eight year old boy and it kills me to think that he could have been any of these boys who were betrayed and violated.  So, this is why I try to give my money directly to my church.

After that, I’d buy a house in a school district that best suits my son’s needs.  Yeah.  On the way home, I wasn’t driving and I had the opportunity to daydream about almost every house that caught my eye.  There was one that had blue/pink shingles that was really pretty and reminded me of a beautiful heathered blue yarn.  But then, if I won a million dollars I can have any colored shingle I wanted.  If you want to know more about my house fantasies, I suggest reading Dream Home, Dream On, a Daily Prompt assignment from not that long ago.

Ugh, the final answer is that we have two Park Place pieces.  It was good while it lasted.