My New Theme

…. is magazine style.  If you noticed, I did have Choco Theme for a while, but I wanted my posts to show up in columns and as summaries.  My posts are lengthy and I wanted to give readers a little more to look at than one post.  We’ll see how this works… but…. HELP… I am already disappointed that not all photos are showing at the top of each post.  Not sure why this is happening.  I love the softer colors of my background, though.

Can anyone help me and give some advice on this picture problem?  Not sure why some are showing and some are not…. thanks in advance.   Of COURSE any comments and opinions are welcome.


About dragonmommie

I am a wife and mother of an amazing eight year old boy. When school starts, I don the hat of “advocate”. This is very new to me and so, like everything else in my life right now, a necessary transition. I can see already that I will be honing my communication skills as well as sharpening my assertiveness. I am married to an amazing man, who, spoils me to no end. Not in a material way... NO I'm wrong. When he can, he does spoil me materially as he is well acquainted with my infatuation and love all electronic gadgets. I am a self professed EGG, “Electronic Gadget Groupie.” The most important way he spoils me is with taking over attending to our son's needs. My eye has always been caught by sparkly things, the beautiful, and the unique.

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